Monday, 26 March 2018

March 23rd trip – part 2

This is part two of our drive. [Mar. 23 – Another adventure] An interesting trip with sightings of Grouse.
Spring, while it creeps up the continent, it's not here yet.
The fast-flowing rivers keep the water moving. They are beautiful, as they melt. You understand how lovely it is to see them thawing. Our winters are a little longer than those in other climes.

typical Lanark County barn

This was an interesting spot. I noticed the building. JB noticed something else on the other side of the road. We both forget what that was!!!

The stories this old house holds...

This was a clue, the orange ball, that there is an airport nearby. Not a large airport, and not open in snowy winter!

Roads and marshes, and this is our topography.

I loved this house. See the flower! I think this is the place that has the dinosaur bones in summer, but I cannot find the photo or the blog post!

Lanark Highlands: ponds, hills, and roads.

Lots of cottages, closed up for winter.

Myers Cave

We were intrigued with Myers Cave Resort!

The Skootamata River is a long, meandering river, this is the bridge and roadside memorial. The incident occurred Oct 31, 2012. The bridge was ruined in the incident.

Upon arriving home, we both did some more research, and think we might have found it! I did not record the actual spot in my previous blog posts. [1. Skootamata River -  near Tweed; 2. River, Otter and Canada Geese; 3. Friday, March 11th, 2016: a quest] That'll be another trip!

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