Monday, 26 March 2018

Mar. 23 – Another adventure

Friday, March 23rd

We've been trying to find a spot where we spotted river otters a few years ago. We still haven't found it, but we had a nice drive, culminating in lunch in Perth.
We drove from Perth to McDonalds Corners, Ompah, Myer's Cave, and back along highway #7. Over 260 km, and nearly 4 hours. The EnRoute track stops at Ingava, where we switched seats, hubby's bum was numb. I drove us back.  You'll forgive the number of photos. JB likes to see where we've been. It's less pressure driving than taking drive-by photos!!! From there we went straight to Perth for lunch and home.

This is a lovely bridge, created to cross a creek.
I asked JB to turn around, as I spotted a much older one farther down the road. It is on the property for a camp site. New compared to old.
Now, I know that my international readers have much older buildings, but this is our part of our young Canada.

A quarry, lots of those about!

tee pee

North Frontenac

The lake is still frozen enough for a skating rink!

There were antlers on top of sculptures here.

Not much of a fire risk right now!

Starlings, three in a row!

This is an unusual sign...

Part 2 to come...


Nancy Chan said...

Great snowy pictures from your tour! Yes, I can see the sunflower in front of the house.

Nancy Chan said...

Interesting and lovely sights from your drive! Looks cold out there!

Olga said...

Still looks like winter there.

Anvilcloud said...

I know that teepee. At least I presume it's the same one.

Nancy J said...

You still have a lot of snow, Down here we have the very same roadside fire danger signs!!! Ours have been up to High this summer, some places Extreme, and now back to Low. That was a long day driving!!

William Kendall said...

That church catches my eye.