Thursday, 8 February 2018

Winter storms

Sure had a couple! First, 21 cm on Feb. 4th, then another dump on Wed., Feb. 7th. We think about 9 cm! The sunset was pretty. Everything is burdened down with snow.

JB suggested we go out for lunch, after he delivered Meals on Wheels on Tuesday. The pub is newly renovated! Afterwards, we took a walk.

Feb. 7th

JB took out the snowblower, while I did the sidewalk. This was only 8 or 9 cm. He couldn't seem to get the blower to move, although it would start. I gave it a go. Suddenly, a mouse popped out. A big, fat one! The blower worked.
Mousie scooched into the snow I'd piled up from the sidewalk, ready for the blower. I continued on down our 100m driveway, and asked JB to get it out of the snow pile and into the garage. (I didn't want to chew it up in the blower.) By the time I returned, he couldn't find mousie. I took the rake, and gently raked off the snow, there he was. I grabbed him, in my mitten, and took it into the garage. JB finished the driveway. It's a fat one, cleaning up spilled bird seed in the garage.

The back deck shows accumulation of 10". That is my late father's old ruler he used in his job. It's a triangle shape, divided up on each side into 1/8" on one side, 1/4", etc.  It stands up well in the snow.


There he goes, again! My snowman doing the driveway!

We had the satellite dish raised a couple of years ago. It made such a difference to our TV reception in winter. I haven't had to clean it out this year.

We're keeping cats busy, playing long and often with them. Even Daisy, who used to like the snow, is a bit reluctant.

Maybe she's getting older, now age 5, or still recovering from her cold and her electrocution! She listened, pounced and dug a mouse out of the snow one year.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
that's a lot of work, even with equipment. Our snow comes and then leaves pretty much within a day or two (except above 1000m, where it is inclined to stay).

That cute little moosie is onto a good thing, being around the J-stead!!! YAM xx

Cloudia said...

Beautiful shots, Jenn. I love the cat standing up :)

Anvilcloud said...

Saw some pretty sights out and about this morning but, alas, neither camera nor time.

William Kendall said...

And looking out the window right now, it looks as if we could get more of the white stuff!

I hadn't heard the news about the carver who died of a heart attack, but I had already photographed that snow sculpture in progress. I've photographed the finished work today. There are flowers placed at its base.