Friday, 9 February 2018

OPP chased a perp for 154 km!

The news can be the highlight of my days, some days! Ontario is pretty snowy. Ontario is also slippery. Apparently, so is an alleged perp!
This is really fascinating. This guy was a bad un'. They haven't named him, as this was precipitated by a domestic incident, and he's charged with criminal harassment, driving under suspension, possession of drugs (heroin, cocaine, MDMA) for trafficking. He's a 47-year-old who ought to know better!

This is the screen capture from the helicopter surveillance.

A man, 47, was arrested on Jan. 27 following the longest helicopter chase in Ontario history, Durham police say.
A man, 47, was arrested on Jan. 27 following the longest helicopter chase in Ontario history, Durham police say. (Durham Regional Police Service)

CBC reported that the chase began around 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 27, and ended 90 minutes later. Eventually, they narrowed down his travel path with police tire spikes. The guy got out of the car, ran into the woods, where the police followed. The helicopter pilot told them to ease off, as the perp was surrounded and had to come out onto a road. I bet that was a relief!

What a process. They kept following him, they were able to call off vehicle pursuits, which can be dangerous, as they tracked him from the air! So cool! Peterborough has lots of lakes, as you can see from the satellite.
Oshawa, Peterborough, finally, Port Hope
You can hear, in the video narration by the pilot (below), the perps speeds were up to 230 km/hr. on highway #401. We've been watching Heavy Rescue 401, which shows some of the incidents on our highways across southern Ontario. It can be deadly. It's a busy, busy road.

What a great demonstration of technology, cooperation, training, and skills by our OPP! If you don't or can't watch the video, you can see how clearly the radar tracks the heat from his car, and then his body. They can tell how fast he is travelling (up to 230 km/hr).


Anvilcloud said...

Crazy speeds, which I guess along with all the rest he can look forward to a few years of confinement.

William Kendall said...

A guy like that, he's already no doubt got an extensive criminal record, and isn't going to change. While I believe in the rehabilitation aspect of prison, it's not going to work on someone like this.