Monday, 19 February 2018

Lunch, waterfall and walkies

Feb. 16
Our rule is: When we are too slow to run across the highway to pick up the mail safely, we'll have to move!

We had an extra lamp, having replaced our broken one (New lamps!), and went into the 2nd hand store to donate it. Of course, lunch at Fort Hemlock ensued. I love this spot!

JB had some nummy soup first: Spicy Korean BBQ. You can see the restaurant owner in behind JB, chatting with some other customers. They were discussing the new minimum wage hike ($11.60 to $14 per hour). He was saying servers need to manage 30 customers for him to break even. Also, it's tricky when he has an unexpected influx of customers. I get that, but I'm prepared to pay more for my meal if it means a fair wage for servers. They work so hard, and people should have a living wage.

Eventually, the sun came out. The ice on the dam is amazing.

Smiths Falls from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
I love this house, nestled back in the woods.

Next, we went down to the frozen lake at Beveridge Lock. The snow machines have been busy.

Poor Gillian GPS gets confused!

Back at home, I took Daisy for walkies.

You can compare her tracks to the turkey's tracks!

 She had a pee in the snow, just after this!
Daisy huntin' from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Anvilcloud said...

You had me Googling Fort Hemlock.

Phil Slade said...

Looks like that restaurant can save some money by not needing a freezer, just a box in the back yard? I read about that wage hike and like you say, it's good that people at the bottom will have more money in their pockets.

Hootin' Anni said...

Looks cold!!!
I too agree...fair wages and an extra cost to the customer is worth it.

Olga Hebert said...

Love that blue sky against the snow. I can almost feel the cool fresh air in my lungs.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I feel the same as you about a living wage for people. Gosh I can hardly be decent to people who don't feel that way (and sadly I know a few). It's so pretty up your way in the winter. My toes would freeze and I'm sure I'd cry a lot, but sometimes I think I would still like to try living in real winter for a few days. (I never have -- we haven't always lived in sunny subtropical Florida, but where we lived before we retired (in western Oregon) it rained a lot and snowed very seldom. Cold and damp. but never that much snow.

Christine said...

Glad you had a nice lunch, interesting about the hike in minimum wage impact. Guess it will take some time to see how the living wage makes an impact on the recipients.

DUTA said...

Hopefully, your hubby liked his soup. I always think of soup as a light, simple meal. Well, it is when I make it in my kitchen. When I buy some soup out (in winter) it's heavy, oily, rich, but...tasty (not that my soup isn't tasty, but this is different, a once in a while 'guilt').

William Kendall said...

Daisy is quite intent! They were blasting the ice on the Rideau River yesterday near its end.