Thursday, 25 January 2018

Whirlwind tour of Ottawa

We were supposed to have lunch with JB's aunt Monday, but she's having some issues. We thought we'd do some errands in the city (Ottawa), anyway, before the freezing rain began and rush home. The green is rain, the blue, snow.
The snow was being blown by the wind as we made it into Bells Corners.

Hubby had a couple of things to pick up at Carlingwood Mall. It's a formerly Sears-anchored mall. Sears is done in Canada. The blurry photo is pathetic. Rather fitting. The parking lot is bereft. I feel so badly for those whose pensions have gone, while they paid upper management millions in bonuses for staying on to shut down the company.

Coincidentally, the mother of an FB photographer buddy parked behind us in the parking lot. She lives in Merrickville. She posted that on FB and I had a good laugh. We have never met and might not recognize one another!

That said, there are still a number of stores in the mall. I found myself a new suitcase. Hubs says they match my red boots, which aren't waterproof BTW.

We dropped off a gift to my daughter, as well as the loan of my soprano recorder. I love music. I haven't a photo of me playing my little recorder, but I have a photo of the autoharp. I played and sang in church many times, both in choirs and solos. I joined the church choir with my parents when I was 13.

Josee is taking recorder lessons and will borrow my recorder. I've had it for close to 20 years, I think. It's a one-piece, a good style for newbies. In music camp, one summer,  I met some interesting players. I've often toyed with getting an alto or deeper recorder. I just need some motivation.

It was a lovely drive, considering the storm that was on its way.

We stopped to buy some mealworms for tree frog. He's still in the plant. He sang when I played the piano a few weeks ago. He sang randomly, when we were watching evening TV. The cats were amused.

I'm so sad. Big Al's closed in Kanata. In August! I didn't know. Its other Ottawa store is about 100 km away, in Orleans! This other one was on our way into Ottawa.

We spoke to a young man who worked in the Pet Store nearby. He said that Al's had management issues, yet many people still come into this store asking about things. He sold us some spray for the easy chairs. You can see how well it worked the first day. Yay, Annabelle.

Other purchases, a green tablecloth, new kitchen knives, and drink mugs.

We had lunch in Perth, on the way home. The snow had started and things were deteriorating.

Josee took piano lessons, and can read music. They are learning this at school.
Izzy is still taking ukulele lessons. Mommy sent me a photo.


Karen said...

Were you at Stokes? I bought those same knives at Stokes and love them!

Nancy J said...

Do they salt the roads? Or do you put on winter tyres? No Scratch?? We tried newspaper rolled up, water pistol, growling, removing, and in the end gave in!!! Keep warm.

DUTA said...

Lovely red suitcase! Enjoy it, and take it with you on as many travels as possible.!
Nice to learn about your past as a musical performer. Hope your daughter and granddaughters have inherited your talents.

William Kendall said...

Monday was just a rotten day trying to get about. The temperatures dropped, fortunately, and the sloppiness of it all is gone.

It's been at least three years, if not longer, since I've been to Carlingwood.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes to both, Jean! They salt and sand, depending up on the temperature. Below - 18C. or so, the salt doesn't work!
We have winter tires, as well.

troutbirder said...

This storm passed over Minnesota with rain, sleet and snow a few days before heading east and Ottawa. Probably the same route we took on Canada One thru that City on our summer trips to the Maritimes. Such lovely memories always stopping along the way and meeting Canadians...:)

Anvilcloud said...

Ahh, that barn. When I pass it, I think it deserves a photo. You don't fool around. You just do it.