Wednesday, 24 January 2018

This is a cat tale

I brought in a garbage can full of wood debris, perfect for kindling. I was suspicious that there might be freeloaders inside, but rather than toting the kindling across the carpet, I simply lugged the entire can in.

I figured with three cats...

Hubby was watching TV down there.

Anyway, Annabelle was sitting babysitting the large plastic can. Listening intently. At that point I could have taken the can outside, but I was curious. I thought, if it was a snake, it'd die.

A day later, there was some commotion in the basement. And Annie was still listening to her garbage can. I'd built a fire for JB, they watched their curling or tennis or football, or whatever!

Moday, we were out all day doing chores and errands before the storm. We arrived home and hunkered down in the snow, then the ice pellets and then the rain. I went to bed to read, giving JB his TV for tennis.

Another commotion. Hooper, a mouse, and Annie and Daisy, were in the kitchen. Hubby came to tell me. Up I got, out of my warm bed. I should have put my slippers on, I was cold the rest of the night.

Anyway, "You get the butterfly net," I ordered – someone has to be in charge!
a little deermouse
"Where IS the net?"
"Outside in the umbrella stand, on the front porch."
By the time he returned, Hooper had chased mousie around the baseboard, back again, and then under the fridges. I pulled the fridges out, got a flashlight, I could see it.
we have two bar fridges
they came with the house
hooper roared into the room. He pushed the food tray, where mouse had hid before I was involved, then roared around the room. He found a ball, whacked it, and had a grand time.
Daisy took over.
Hooper was so excited.
He pushed the food tray across the floor.
This is where mousie hid, we think.

Hooper roared downstairs, where he'd found it, and looked for mousie again. Hubby went downstairs, just in case. Hooper roared across the room. He went into the TV room, with the can, roared on top of it, as if demonstrating that this is where he found his mousie, re-enacting the event for JB. The photo is 3 days later as he re-enacted the whole scene the 2nd time for me and my camera!

Back upstairs they both came.
I left the fridges out all night. In the morning things had settled down.

Later, Daisy was worrying something in the basement. Mousie lived to tell another tale.
Tuesday, they were still looking for the mouse. The three of them were down there.
Today, Wednesday, I still have no idea where the mouse might be.
That's the end of my tale. Some days, you just have to laugh.


Bill Nicholls said...

My cat used to bring mice home to play with, lucky we had none running around the place. I'd have checked for mice before bringing the bin in

Olga Hebert said...

Three cats and one little mouse -- this certainly is a testament to the will to survive.
One time there was a mouse in our little wood stove. I have no idea how it got there since it was summer and the stove had not bee used for some time. Anyway, until my husband took it out when he got home from work, it was like an addicting tv show for our cat.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Efurrybuddy has a right to seek warm places in winter, and to find amusements on the inside, right?! &*> YAM xx

Karen said...

That scene played out in my living room last night. Still don't know if mouse lived to see another day. Miss Kitty likes a snack of mouse now and again, sadly that's what we pay her for. She is too well paid right now.

Nancy J said...

Oh Boy!!! You should write a book, " Cats' Tales at our place"!!! This is so funny, our Boris is like that, he comes inside and is so vocal about what has happened outdoors, we have no idea, but he tells it all, again and again. Maybe he and Hooper and kindred kin!!

William Kendall said...

Poor mouse!

Anvilcloud said...

These must be three very ineffective cats. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Au contraire, Anvilcloud! We've had three very dead mice in the past few days!