Thursday, 11 January 2018

What a beautiful day!

It began very cold, and a bit cloudy. I knew it was going to both warm up and the sun would come out.

My daughter flew from YOW => YVR =>  Taipei (TPE), for a trip. By herself. She arrived a couple of hours ago. Thanks to modern technology, I know the plane arrived safely.

Hubby drove into the city, yesterday, to get himself some pants. His size wasn't available here. He did some shopping at Carlingwood, which looks so sad, what with Sears failing in Canada.
I tracked them both. Tee hee.

I decided not to go to the city with JB, but to go for a snowshoe, instead. They threatened warmer temperatures, as well as rain. A horrid mess.
I found evidence of turkeys playing in the snow, as well as deer chewing on moss.

It was pretty. I followed the deer path.

It is surprisingly deep snow, since the bulrushes just bend and it's was knee-deep. Great exercise!

I walked through the frozenish wetland towards the island. Just as I wore out, the sun came out.

I found a deer bed. They hunkered down here overnight.

You can see the wet spot where I managed to hit some wet ice. It's not as frozen as I'd thought!

These are all deer trails, heading towards the house.

Back up at the house, there was something under the bird feeder!
Turns out Butch has woken up for a bit of a feed. It's warmed up 20 degrees in the past 24 hours! I think Butch thinks it's Spring! Happily, we don't have the freezing rain they predicted.

By now, I'd taken the videos off of the trailcam, I realized they needed a bit of an adjustment, and Annie helped me!

Just before dinner, I spotted some deer, it turns out one deer has shed an antler. I wonder if they've left me any!

This morning, Butch raccoon is still here. The cats are watching him from the window.


Anvilcloud said...

It's not freezing rain, and yet the buses are cancelled today.

One lady at our market had a trick for collecting antlers. She'd feed the deer, but make them bend it such a way that they'd catch their antlers on the way up.

Jenn Jilks said...

That would work if we ever got any of the bigger bucks, but they don't usually appear around shedding time. Maybe they are embarrassed?!

Kay said...

You’d think the forest would be littered with antlers. Do they decompose, I wonder.

Nancy J said...

Flight Tracker, marvellous app to have. When our family flew to Vancouver, it seemed to be a VERY long time over the ocean!!! Annabelle, you need snow shoes too. and Butch, maybe he had stashed some food there, very busy trying to see what was under that snow.

William Kendall said...

I know raccoons don't completely hibernate, so he must have figured get out and about for a bit of a stroll and hit the local feeders while the weather's mild. The temperatures are going to be dropping again soon.

I haven't been out to Carlingwood in years.

Lowcarb team member said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to keep a good track on flights.
That is a lot of snow!!!

All the best Jan

David Gascoigne said...

A few weeks ago I had a team of marauding raccoons destroying my bird feeders every night, so I took to taking them in before dark. The odd night I would forget and they were guaranteed to be on the ground the next morning - empty - and sometimes damaged, so I hope the raccoons around here stay in hibernation!