Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It is winter...

This blog is like my day book, sort of a day-behind-blog. It's been bitterly cold.

Despite this, I have been having lovely walks. One simply has to dress for it.

I found a branch where Bambi has been rubbing his antlers. Do you like my  gloves?! Most warm in these temperatures, and handy when I'm changing up the trailcam SD cards.

The snow is powdery, and light. The forest dappled. I followed the deer tracks. The wetland looks so bright in the sunshine.

Sure enough, on the edge of the island in the wetland, it's not quite frozen over, despite our horridly cold temperatures. You can see where the deer have examined the hole. They are headed to the neighbour's property, and his nice stands of protective forest.

The snow tells tales. I saw a coyote on my walk Saturday. There are a lot of rabbit tracks, and the coyote is after it, or the rodents, I'm sure.

The snow paints such lovely images on the trees.

Down at the dock, the critters slumber under the frozen water, ice and snow. We've had a major melt, then a sudden freeze. I only had my videocamera and the photos aren't that great, but you can see the sparkling crystals. We anticipate another warm-up this weekend. I don't think it is good for flora or fauna!

Off into town to pick up a map in Carleton Place, hubby loves his maps. I noticed the poor flag has a major hole in it.

In the dusk, the deer are active, knowing the danged hoomans are going to bed!

One of my goldfish has a tumour. Poor thing.

We've been watching tennis. Hooper is a fan. We have three Canadians in the Aussie Tournie. Chapovalov [cha'-poh-fall-ov], Raonic [ray-on-itch], and Bouchard.


Olga Hebert said...

It is amazing how comfortable a walk on a cold day can be when dressed for it. Lots of wind is the only thing that discourages me.

Anvilcloud said...

Poor Raonic. So many injuries.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I'm a Raonic fan - but he just crashed out of his match. Next one, mate. The darts over, so am watching the snooker now. We are having a blizzard at the moment. It is unlikely to get as deep or crisp or even as yours and will not linger for long; being right on the coast ensures that. It is pretty to look at though. YAM xx

William Kendall said...

Hooper is still getting used to television and not knowing he can't catch the ball he sees!

I'm surprised they leave the flag up over the winter, but I expect they won't replace it until spring.

Red said...

Minus 22 C is nasty but as you say you layer up with the right clothes and it's okay.

Nancy J said...

Go Eugenie!!! You are a stunner to watch, and a wonderful manner with fans, onlookers and other players. The snow, the crystals, and the tracks, then along came your trail cam and gloves, I'm sure they are a necessity every day in -22C... We have.... 34C at times today. Keep warm, as I struggle to keep anything near cool.