Tuesday, 26 December 2017

What a lovely day!

Being retired, there really aren't any 'holidays!' Every day is a new adventure.

I opened some presents. It seems that 'flat gramma' has a lot of flat presents from the cats! I call myself that, as our granddaughter, Cluny in Vancouver, probably thinks of me that way. We do a lot of Facetime with her, thanks to my son. She opened up the box we sent, including a musical card, while we watched. It was fun.

We sent a caterpillar, and she was wearing butterfly wings, which Santa had sent. So cute!

Hubby bought himself a pot in which to burn his sage. At our age, there are few surprised. This keeps coming up in my newsfeed, too!
I bought him a sweet book, for a man who likes both trains and maps! It's the history of trains over the years.

Still worried about Daisy. Daisy isn't feeling great. I gave her more pain meds, as well as Hooper's eye meds. Maybe she caught an eye infection from him. Her defenses are down. She's only eating a bit of kibble, but is drinking water and doing a bit of grooming. You can see a tear dropping from her eye. It's like pink eye, just in one eye.

Hooper was helpful in the living room. He loved the plastic bag...

The deer were out, too. They are so pretty.

On the deck, the sweetest little toes! Squirrel and birds!

We had another 8 cm, which we cleared. It is so pretty. I love the snow. I love the changes.

The snow clearing we did together. This was good. Someone has been hogging his snowblower! I did the sidewalks and paths.

Just a lovely, lovely day!

Fetching the trailcam SD card is lovely.


Anvilcloud said...

I think deer in the snow would make Christmas just about perfect.

Anvilcloud said...

I think deer in the snow would make Christmas just about perfect.

DUTA said...

So true, when you're retired every day is a holiday, or should be.
Enjoy your Christmas presents!

Powell River Books said...

My half-sister called on Christmas. Without a warning it was a Facetime call. I was in my old T-shirt and my hair was a mess. Then she started handing the phone around the room to all of the other family guests present. There should be a way to decline Facetime on an incoming call. - Margy

shayndel said...

Cute deer!
Merry Christmas and a peace and joy-filled season to you!

William Kendall said...

I hope Daisy's feeling better soon.