Thursday, 5 October 2017

4. Daycation Sept. 27/28th Glenora Ferry & Loyalist Country

Continuing saga.. my life is otherwise boring! The news has been horrid, sometimes you simply have to turn the news off.
We went to the beach, for last swims!
2. Daycation Sept. 27/28th Napanee – lunch on the river
3. Daycation Sept. 27/28th Prince Edward County – swim on the beach, a night at the resort.

We packed up the next morning from the Isaiah Tubbs Resort. It was relatively busy at the resort. I never sleep well away from home. (I don't even sleep well at home!) Off we went, packing up to have
breakfast in Picton.

Sunrise – across the way is Sandbanks Provincial Park. It was chilly, about 12 C., but was supposed to warm to 16 C.

Here is our motel room! One in a series of four in this building. It was really nice. An amazing view.

Anyway, off to Picton for breakfast. After that, in a busy Timmy Ho's, we had our morning coffee. Ahhh. The intersection for this one was a meeting of five roads. Off we went, again.

We made it to the end of the highway, where we waited for the ferry. We'd JUST missed it. The plan was to go to Amherst Isl. in the morning to visit Topsy Farm, but we saw the ferry going off in the distance. We'd missed it. Here we were.  We had a bit of a wait until it returned.

We were stopped, waiting to cross the bay. The ferry arrived back, the cars left, hubby attempted to start the car. No luck. He raised the hood. I went to the car behind us, and explained that it wouldn't start. The man, and the man in the car behind him, came to check it out. The consensus was, it was the battery. Fortunately, the woman in charge of the cars on/off the ferry sauntered up. She realized what was up, and called her crew on her walkie talkie, who had a portable battery charger. Apparently, this happens once a day!
Off we went.

Back on track, we were told to keep the motor running over the 10-minute trip! We certainly did and rolled off.

Off the ferry, onto Loyalist Parkway. Sweet homes, waterfront views.

Napanee Generating Station – a new project

The geese are flocking for trips south.

Some of the homes are massive. I just think of all that cleaning to do!

Here's a sweet place on the water! :-)
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms!
This is a busy area, which used to be a transportation hub as well as factoring into the War of 1812. Lots of beaches. There was Amherst Isl., but we had to drive to Kingston to see about a new battery.

We found a number of plaques. <=Someone has actually collected them on a webpage. The area was settled by many United Empire Loyalists. We were driving on Loyalist Parkway!
The Royal George was a naval ship, and on Nov. 9, 1812, it was intercepted by the American fleet, which had 7 ships. The Royal George escaped through this gap between Amherst Isl. and False Duck Islands. At the time, Royal George was the largest British warship on Lake Ontario.


Anvilcloud said...

I'm surprised to hear no more of the battery, for once it loses a charge once, it is usually bad news -- at least it has been for me.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
LOVE that yellow-fronted building... the modern millionarea, not so much... great to have the community merge for help with the car - you two sure know how to road trips!!! YAM xx

Karen said...

Thankyou for the tour of the home of my ancestors. It has been many years since we were down that way. Mr. Tubbs is somewhere in my family tree.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful countryside in that part of the province!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Sounds lije our kind if daycation. Our favourite breakfast place in Picton is The Lighthouse restaurant.