Saturday, 19 August 2017

Grandsitting 2.4 Wednesday

Wed., Aug. 16

Another full day! Isabelle helped Grampa. He has arthritis in his lower back, which explains his lower back pain, as shown by his MRI. Izzy picked up all of the cat food dishes for him, so that he could wash them all.

Also, she helped me. I ran out to fetch the trailcam cards, and had two bug bites.
Izzy put anti-itch meds on me.
What a wonderful helper!
All the dishes picked up!
Two mosquitoes. 


Izzy patiently waiting for breakfast toast to pop. This is 2nd course, for her. She makes herself a parfait, eaten on the back deck. She offered to do my toast, as well. What a kid! I love her! (I had PB & J!)

Annie is the faithful companion!

You'll note how Annabelle is never far away!

Plasticene Play

This was a complex story we set up. We worked on writing a book. They like stop-action videos, but these are a little more complex. Josee was golfing with Grampa, at this point.

Izzy: "I still haven't found the plate, but I'm on that!"

This is Emma's house. We built it during another visit, maybe a year ago??!! Emma is a crossing guard. She has a dog and a snail. We set up all the scenes, while I wrote down the story. There is a forest and lake setting, too.

The astronaut, Flyer, has two children, both girls. We cannot remove all of her equipment, so this factored into our story.
The Doctor has two boys. Her skills come into play later in the story. That family has a pet mouse, as well.

Josee arrived on the scene, at which point we added to the village. There is a farm.


Jos and Grampa went golfing. If you get a hole-in-one you can sign your name. Jos pointed out he name from last visit! Afterwards, they went shopping, for dessert! They went to the new Chocolate Factory in Perth. (Grampa has instructions to take some photos with his camera. He did well!)

Sadly, it was only 13 C. overnight. The pool really cooled down. We had an early video, our routine is videos at 3 p.m., Izzy wasn't sure this was right, but I explained that that would give the pool more time to warm up. She is learning to read the thermometer.

 Today's video of choice was Ghostbusters!

The afternoon was fun. Jos spontaneously cleaned up the basement. (She's just like her mother!) Then, we checked the pool, and it had warmed up to 18 C.!


Grampa brought us 'Close eyes', bubble guns. Dinner was great. Fish tacos, corn, green beans. Josee insisted I take her photo with 'wine', Izzy wanted a photo of her with the salad dressing. 

This was the surprise dessert from the Perth Chocolate Factory. First, the ritual: St. Patrick's Day,  they had to recite "Irish Swedish Meatballs, Please!"

Close eyes, then recite: "Swedish Irish Viking Meatballs" and, voila! They looked like meatballs, but they were strawberry truffles. Followed by twizzlers, dipped in chocolate, drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

Finally, after teeth and jammies, We finished the second segment of American Idol, they loved the young children in it, of course. Then, Jeopardy. They settled into bed. Isabelle isn't as keen on it, but Josee loves it. She began to keep score for us. Great math play!
A few stories, but Grampa was likely asleep before they were! I went back down to tell Izzy 'lights out.' As she yawned, she explained that she wasn't tired!


Red said...

Where are all the smart phones Grandma?

Nancy J said...

Another day filled with fun, and those memories, You are both the most amazing Grandparents!!! I would be tired thinking about even a small part of the morning!!

William Kendall said...

Annabelle really does seem to enjoy the company of the girls.