Friday, 18 August 2017

Grandsitting 2.3 Tuesday

Tuesday, Aug. 15 Day 4

Izzy's ear is sore, with a small bo-bo. It was aching, as ears can do. I suggested something cold. 
"What about one of your apricots? It's cold, in the fridge." 
"No, Gramma. That's silly." She tried. It worked! Soft and fuzzy.

It began to hurt later,
She looked at me, shrugged, palms up, it'll just take time!

Grampa had Meals on Wheels to deliver.
We had some play time, lunch, and another swim after lunch, thunder rolled in 2:35.
Shaving foam is the best toy.

Izzy: Where's my blanket?
Gramma : In the dryer.
Izzy: Gramma, could you get me my robe?
Gramma: It's in the dryer.
Izzy: Oh. (There was another blanket on her chair!)

Thunder rolled in at 2:35.

Suits hung up, clean clothes put away.
Movie: The Iron Giant


Olga Hebert said...

But it wasn't HER blanket! I understand that. I am off to pick up my grandson for a visit now.

Nancy J said...

Fun galore. You are giving them a wonderful time, and lots of memories in photos and words.

Christine said...

Tiny frog! Fun times Jenn!

Red said...

Just imagine , we used to have 30 of these characters all at once.

Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) Nice to see the children having fun, and such an attentive Grandma!!:=) I love your frog images. Have a great Weekend!:)

William Kendall said...

Neat little frog!

Joe Todd said...

Those Grandkids keep you pretty busy in a very good way. You are right I don't get around to other blogs as I would like to and/or should..