Saturday, 1 July 2017

South Wind Brigade: @Rideau Ferry PART 5

I thought there would be lots of coverage as they paddled through local towns.  The Rideau Canal is very busy this year! Rideau Canal, Big Rideau Videos.

This is the last time we checked in with the paddlers. They were at Rideau Ferry, on their trek to Ottawa. They were headed in to Perth later this afternoon. Many ate lunch in the middle of the Big Rideau. It was sunny when I arrived on Monday morning. By the afternoon, there were some clouds. The paddlers didn't mind, as they were all working pretty hard.

We met Peter in CC's on the patio. The guys at the other table bought Peter's beer. We bought his Narrows Lock burger!

Sadly, they took off from Rideau Ferry and veered starboard, when they should have veered to port. I ran down to the dock, and yelled at the last canoe to veer left, between the island and mainland. They heard me, and, by then, the others had realized the mistake.

In the evening they were having a ceremony, happily inside the crystal palace, as we had thunderboomers and lightning.

Monday June 26 Day 3 Newboro Locks to Perth 
 8:00 am Depart 
 Distance 36 km. three sets of locks 
 Lunch stop at Rideau Ferry 
 2:00 pm Welcome Ceremony at Beveridge Locks; pick up dignitaries to paddle up Tay Canal to Last Dual Park on the banks of the Tay River in Perth 
The Hungry Planet pop-up Restaurant serves dinner at Last Duel Park (included with fees) 
 7:00 pm Lanark Drum Circle sings followed by a short paddle to the Perth Basin, short talks by Mireille LaPointe, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, Larry McDermott, Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation & John Fenik, the Mayor of Perth, & a reception 

 9:00 pm lantern-lite paddle back to Last Duel Park

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They made it to Ottawa!

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William Kendall said...

What a journey for them to make! Good that they got here.