Friday, 30 June 2017

June Precipitation

What a month!

Rain every other day!

2017 – 88.6 mm
2016 – 51.8 mm
2015 – 156 mm
2014 – 156 mm
2013 – 200 mm

June 29th  – here it comes

early morning, it rolled in

June 28, Manotick: hail, yes!


June 26th – Thunder and lightning, just as I went out to check the blue jays & owl!

June 25 – big thunder storms!

June 23 – Hurricane Cindy is now a tropical storm

Lots of clouds across the continent, some rain.

June 21

What storms! Tornadoes in Red Deer, Alberta, and in Quebec. Hurricane Cindy revs up in the Texas.

June 19

June 17/18 – storms rolled on by, power was out in many places. We were on the edge of glory.

June 16th – 6.9mm

June 15th – a short downpour, didn't phase Junior Bear!

June 14th - just a trace, on the trailcam!

June 7th 0.5 mm

June 6th – more rain...

June 4th – in the rain rolls


Nancy J said...

Now you can turn the page over and start July. Happy Canada Day.XXX

Anvilcloud said...

3 out of the 4 previous years had more rain in June? Yet I read elsewhere that this was the 6th rainiest June ever.

William Kendall said...

It's been quite a year thus far for weather.