Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Phoebe nesting progress

June 17th

Just as my granddaughter and I approached the shed, I did my routine: "Momma's we're here to visit. Take it easy!" the robin flew away. And the the 5 phoebe chicks flew towards us and out of the shed!

June 16th – soon the will fledge!

June 12th – they look hot and tired!

June 17th – And, they're done!

I popped in Saturday morning to check on her. Momma and Poppa are madly feeding them.

Just as I was taking my granddaughter to visit, gently warming them we were arriving, the 5 little ones fledged! It was so exciting!

June 7th – Momma and poppa are madly feeding.

There is another nest in the side yard, too.

June 5th – still on the nest

I was reaching in, and could feel at least two babies, but it's a cold, rainy day and they are sleeping. They must have hatched a few days ago. 

June 3rd – still on the nest

May 16th – Four little eggs!

May 10th

I noticed more work was being done!

Then I noticed one in the gully! 

May 8 - 9

We've had some cold, cold temperatures. Phoebe wasn't anywhere to be seen. I was sad.

Phoebe is nesting in the wood shed! It's one of their favourite spots.
May 3

May 2nd
April 29th


Olga said...

i love phoebes. You have quite the sanctuary.

Nancy J said...

quiet, safe and sheltered from any late cold spells. Busy mums to make the nests, and a new house every year, I always wonder how they manage to find dry twigs, moss and other bits and pieces to make those nests. Down here, I will say in soring I don't see any birds carrying grassy pieces or twigs on wet days.Just like the carpenters, they have a day off!!!

William Kendall said...

A good perch for them.

carol l mckenna said...

Oh how sweet and cozy ~ great post and photos ~ thanks,

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

Christine said...

glad they are in a safe spot!

Karen said...

Ours are on the nest too! Why they persist in using the ledge under the little roof on the side porch I will never know. There are LOADS of sheltered spots they could use, but oh no, they have to be in this busy place. Once the heat of the summer comes in, they are at the second round. Oft times it is so bloody hot up there the poor wee things die in the nest. :(