Friday, 26 May 2017

It's been a busy few days

Daisy had 9 tick nymphs on her in the morning.  You can see the difference in size between the adults and the nymphs. All were removed with tweezers. I plunk Daisy on a towel, hubby holds the jar. Easy peasey.

I'm growing sprouts in my new system. It was a fundraiser from Vesey's, at the kids' school, and a Mother's Day gift from Caitlin. I love sprouts on sandwiches, which is what I usually have for breakfast!

By the evening we were at 95.9%!

In the morning, I woke at 5:30, I went out to see if the owl chick had branched. Momma was using her solicitation call. No chicks in sight. I've followed this nesting site for two years, now.

I'm having trouble uploading the video. I have video of Daisy being treed by a fox, as well as the owl momma. We have limits on our bandwidth and it slows me down when I'm doing my stuff. Also, we were close to our maximum  last night, in the monthly billing. Rural internet!

Meantime, on the road

The road is still being paved. It's a long, noisy day from 6:30 a.m. when they rev up, 'beep-beep-beep' as they back up, and park, and line up. Recent photos: Lanark County Construction 2017. The noise grates on me. To add to this, it's OPP Recertification training day. In the back 500.

Phoebe is still on the nest!

Our DVD Player

We're still working on getting a $90 replacement DVD player under warranty. You can read updates...LG Customer Relations are horrible. Worse customer service than Bell, and that takes a lot of effort. We're after The Source (formerly known as Radio Shack) now. We shall see.


On our way into Ottawa, I spotted an osprey. It was about to rain, momma was on the nest, poppa in the tree. Hubby happily turned around for me!

The funeral

We left on our way into the city for a funeral at 10:30, early lunch at Swan on the Rideau. It was a very well attended funeral. He was a favourite teacher, and was well-loved. He taught music to all three of my kids. The church was FULL (about 450 people), with standing room only. I took a photo of the inside of the church to show my son. This was prior to the service. They spent many an hour with 'Sir', as they called him. Staff sat us in the overflow (about 150), in the basement, with a screen showing the sanctuary. It was beautiful. We didn't get home until 4:00. One of the great things Sir did, was the Manotick Arts Camp, they did a flashmob in 2011.

Also, I accidentally posted my series on the Almonte Hydro Dam. What the heck.


Cloudia said...

Aloha dear Jenn

William Kendall said...

The church is a beauty inside.