Thursday, 25 May 2017

Flycatcher, mallards, barred owl

More birds. This was a Great Crested Flycatcher I found in the forest. When I went back to the house, there was one on the branch out the front window!


The insect-eating birds are back. I've spotted red-eyed vireo, scarlet tanager, as well as American redstart (witchety-witchety-witchety)! These are file photos, as our trees don't have this many leaves, yet. The bugs are merciless, as well. Mosquitoes and blackflies.

There are about 4 male mallards hanging about on the frog pond, while momma wood duck sits on the nest.

In the meantime, I was on the back deck, doing some painting. I first heard a chick complain, then I heard the female 'solicitation call.' It's just a communication technique they use. I find to uses it to reassure her chicks. I haven't seen the male at all. I'm so disappointed.

Can you see her?!
She had an itch, then hesitated to see if she spied something or not. Then, back to itching.
She's been on the branch, just outside the nest when I was out at 5:45 this morning, calling to the chicks to, 'For pete's sake leave the nest!' I think...

In the front yard, Maggie Magnolia just bloomed! FINALLY!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I would love to see that owl!

Nancy J said...

Magnolia petals, like they have been dipped in wax. and the owl, what a great photo of her scratching. The chicks must show up soon on the branches. looks like the days are so much warmer, you are outside really early!!!

William Kendall said...

The owl's such a beauty.

Red said...

You certainly spend quality time and get to know bird behaviour.

Anvilcloud said...

There is so much going on, unfortunately with the insects too.