Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What do you do?

I'm still babying my foot. Off we went, yesterday, to physiotherapy. After that, we just kept on driving! It's coming along, but staying off of it is the key to tenosynovitus!

You'll recall the flooding in our region. The Tay River is flowing madly. It's crested, and has been going down somewhat. They removed the pylons on the road, and we shall see what Tuesday's rain brings. We are high and dry, atop a hill in our wetland. For that, I am grateful.

It was 23 C. Monday. Unusual for us for April, so we enjoyed the wind on our drive.
The storm was moving in, and we drove into the crepuscular clouds as we headed west. We ended up driving back, and found some sunshine.

Off onto a sideroad. You can imagine how the GPS leads one astray. A lovely view, only to end up at a road 'not maintained by the county' and snow covered!

After the grouse, we spotted a pair of ospreys who had built a nest on the TV tower!

Eventually, we made it back to Perth. The Hot Wok, what a lovely little restaurant! Lots of take out business, and. Hubby came in last week to pick up our order. It was wonderful! They do a fusion of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese food.

As we debated whether to order mild, medium or spicy food, hubby went for the spicy. You can never tell. JB asked our server how spicy was spicy? I told her that for a white guy he does spicy really well. She said for an Asian, she doesn't! Hubby lived many years in Vancouver and likes both spicy and chopsticks well. We neglected to ask for them for him. I prefer a fork!

They've been here for four years, and we've never popped in. We sat, and people came and went with their take out orders. After that a hilarious group of six came in. It was someone's birthday. As we left, I approached the table and said, 'You guys tell good stories!' They all laughed. They were lots of fun.
Just as we entered the restaurant, the rain storm followed us, and there was lightning, and much rain.
Home, again, to put my foot up!
No rain here! Very bizarre!


Olga Hebert said...

How I used to love those off-the-beaten-path driving adventures! Speedy recovery to you.

Out To Pasture said...

Sorry about your sore foot, Jennifer. The lovely drive and meal must have been a bit of a consulation though. Have not seen a Ruffed Grouse here in years. Too much deforestation in my area. Hard to believe that those Ospreys would build a nest on something as flimsy as a tv antenna. Great photo journal.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a bummer about the foot; my ankle is playing up a bit, but then I have just spent three days driving clutch, as I took the father et al on some long day-trips. Our spring is finally offering the kind of weather to encourage this and we had a fab time, but it's interesting how the ankle is twinging. Your Grouse is a cutesome birdy! ...and I love oriental cuisine - but best with chopsticks &*> YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

You do find lots of fun things on your drives. That's quite an unusual car. I often wonder how we were able to drive around before GPS. Guess map book sales are way down. - Margy

Cloudia said...

Speedy recovery and many more fun tales to share with us, J!

Nancy J said...

The old 3 storey home, I wonder if a few cattle were in the bottom level in winter, then a very modern one later on.I am sure that high nest is safe, and so sorry about your foot? More rest? hot compresses? cool bathing? Maybe you need my crutches sent up!!! And then the bird on the road, that is a super photo today. Take care, so glad your home is higher than the land that might flood.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Love the osprey nest on the tv tower, very resourceful birds.

William Kendall said...

The grouse is a pleasant sight! I remember seeing the spruce grouse up in Muskoka from time to time.

Red said...

You had a good day.I looks like things have dried up.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Neat grouse! I hope your foot heals quickly.

Cat Lover said...

Thanks for taking us on your drive. I enjoyed it!