Monday, 27 February 2017

Our Kingston hotel, dinner, and the view!

To continue our saga, we stayed at the Delta in Kingston on points. It was hubby's idea. We thought we'd go hunt for snowy owls. (You know how well that went! Owl hunting on Wolfe Isl.)
Yes, my friends are off to warmer climes, but we went to Wolfe Isl., Lake Ontario!
The hotel was amazing. Somedays you just have to get away. My cousin is taking off for two weeks in Nassau. We're just not beachy people!
I even took Muffin Muncher along.

The bathroom was interesting. There was a huge shower, NO bath tub, and double sinks.

Then there is the TV. It is hidden in a console.

The view was amazing, even if it was a cold, wintery day. A pair were doing selfies on the frozen docks!

After settling in, I suggested we go and visit my friends. This was the second part of our trip. They made a big decision to sell their home, since they have various health issues.
We popped in and met them in the foyer of their new senior's residence.  We had cocktails in their apartment, then took them out to dinner at our hotel.

We had such fun. Hubby and I made them laugh, here he is making another joke, and we shared some old times. They've known me since I was adopted in 1957. They have been acquainted for 60 years, married for 20.

The food was amazing. The bathroom sink was worth a photo, too!

I ought to take a camera class, but the night time view was wonderful, too!

Hubby was reading the room service menu. He insisted that he should order me some popcorn ($4, what the heck). Really! He spoils me rotten.


Nancy J said...

It all looks fantastic, what a place to stay, and the bathrooms!! Better than the bedrooms maybe. And the view, that is the best.

William Kendall said...

It's been a long time since I've been in Kingston.

The cat's a cutie!

Anvilcloud said...

A little winter break is nice, even if it's still winter.

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing your fun trips!