Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Book Review: New Planet; New World

Ian Prattis - New Planet, New World

An interesting book. It is book three of Ian Prattis' series of three.

I reviewed book #two,
Prattis; Trailing Sky Six Feathers  
and I really enjoyed it. This one, not quite so much.

I enjoyed its futuristic setting, as humans are transported to a distant planet. The far into the future technology was quite intriguing.  The high ideals, a more open and sharing community can enforce, is rather telling in this era, especially in the last week in US politics. Prattis posesses the ability to integrate his characters of different cultures and tribes, to support peoples of strong morals, values and ethics, in a good plot. He is well-traveled, a man who has explored various cultures, meditation and mindfulness.
I did find that the first chapters read like a YA novel, but once I entered into the book, I persevered and found it a good tale. Also, a strong moral compass for the future.

New Planet, New World transports you to a faraway world free of Earthly problems - or so it seems. Earth in the near future is dying due to Humankind's damage to the environment. Children are sent via spacecraft to a distant planet to escape Earth and restart Humanity. Red haired Catriona is astonished to find raven haired Rising Moon is already living on the planet - thanks to ancient shamanic means. A sharing of cultures-technologies ensues as they join other Earth refugees to form a new, sustainable, caring community - but can they withstand the dark threat of invaders from Earth bringing very Earthly traits of treachery, rape, power struggles and murder?

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William Kendall said...

Excellent review!

Christine said...

thanks for the great review!

Barrie said...

I'm always amazed at authors who can write about the future. So much imagination! Thanks for reviewing, Jenn! And please keep those deer photos coming!

Sarah Laurence said...

I fear this is our future! We do need more books such as this to warn the unbelievers.

Debbie said...

i am not a reader but i enjoyed your review. good that you enjoyed the book!

Powell River Books said...

Question. How do you link your reviews to The Book Review Club? I visited the site and couldn't figure out how you get on the list of books in the blog post. Do you send an email? - Margy