Sunday, 1 January 2017

December rain, snow, sleet and hail!

Dec. 31 Out like a snow storm!

They warned us of 10 - 15 cm, but it was only 3 or so!

Dec. 30 Just a skiff

I think it a shame when journalists become weather forecasters. As if weather is coming to punish us! This is no better than the battle imagery for those managing cancer. It just is. Deal with it. Prepare for it. Learn about it.

Dec. 29 - anticipation! 

Dec. 28 – 3 cm snow overnight

I gathered some snow in the rain gauge, and it's amazing the 3cm of snow translates to 0.08 mm of water. The point is, that we are getting regular precipitation, and I had to add cells in the chart below. We are in a moderate drought, now.

Dec. 27 – ice pellets, then rain (17 mm)

Toronto was a mess with a flash freeze.

Yes, our snow cover is greatly diminished, and what a lot of rain.
My birthday plans were cancelled, and the were vehicle incidents all over. What a surprise to have RAIN. 

Dec. 26th – predicting freezing rain, but it's -10 C. out there!

Ice pellets... 9:00 a.m.

Dec. 25 – horrid-looking warnings!

Dec. 24th – lovely snowfall: 4 cm

Dec. 22 – gentle snowfall 8cm

Dec. 18th – Tis a mess out there!

Dec. 17th Prediction

Ontario is a mess!

Dec. 16th – a warning

Snow Saturday possibly changing to freezing rain Saturday night. A Colorado low is expected to bring a large shield of snow with it, with snow arriving Friday night then continuing into Saturday. Such weather systems typically bring 15 or more centimetres of snow with them, and this one appears to be no exception. However as the low pressure area gets closer, there is potential for the snow to change over to freezing rain and ice pellets for at least a few hours Saturday night.
Eldorado Satellite
The freezing precipitation will then change back to snow in the wake of the low on Sunday. There remains some uncertainty to the exact track of this low. A small change in the track will affect the location of the heaviest snow, and whether or not the snow changes over to freezing rain. Deteriorating winter travel conditions are expected after the snow arrives Friday night.

Then there is the long john index!

Dec. 15th – It's a cold one

Central and south Ontario has been hard hit. Muskoka's school busses were cancelled. December is a bad month in Muskoka, that Lake Effect Snow! The roads are all iffy!

My friend, in Huntsville, had 79.5cm!
Just a skiff of snow!

Dec. 13th – a warning!

Dec. 12th – 13.75 cm our total!

big storm!

Dec. 11th – a snow accumulation warning

It's a pretty blue on the radar, rolling in!

Dec. 10th – Snow on the way? Lake Effect Snow

Dec. 9th -Holy Hannah! Where are your longjohns?

Colin McIntyre does the longjohn index. What a card!
Still much lake effect snow, with the winds blowing across the Great Lakes.

Dec. 6th - how much snow?

A list of final snowfall totals from around the region from Env Canada.
— Ian Black (@BlacksWeather) December 6, 2016

DEC. 5th  13.75 cm

DEC. 4th more warnings

DEC. 3rd: Fair warning!

Dec. 2nd - 0.5mm

DEC. 1st How bizarre! 16.51mm rain...

They're really getting hit in the Maritimes!


Nancy J said...

And the winner is>>>>> The Long John Index.!!! Take care up there, all is well here, I celebrate every day at home. Love, XXX

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We had a bit of everything in December. I read the forecast, don't get in a tizzy about it, and just say "It will be what it will be" and wait till the actual morning to see what Mother Nature brings us.

Christine said...

good in a way that you didn't get that much snow!

William Kendall said...

Looking at some of those tweets, I'm struck by the contrast between Ian Black's reasonable tweets and the panic-we're-all-gonna-die-it's-a-Donner-Party-situation tone of Global reporters.