Thursday, 27 October 2016

When friends meet

It's been a whirlwind of activity. This retirement isn't for chumps!
The internet has been tremendous for me to find kindred spirits. I've met several of my blog buddies.

My dear friend, who lives near Huntsville, came for a visit in between visiting her sisters. She is such a sweetie! We'd never met before, actually. We've talked online, and she kindly donated some of her daughter's tea cups to our hospice (Leanne's gift Dignity House Day Hospice), where I was volunteering. She packed them up, wrapped very well, and it was such a generous gift.

Susan is an amazing photographer, belonging to several groups. She paints, as well, and plays Native American flutes. She's traveled, including to the US, for workshops for her work and play.
We had such a lovely visit.

Susan was photographing a moose this month, when her group spotted a drone (UAV) harassing said moose. The moose began running towards them. It was very dangerous. They photographed the three men, and their licence plate, and reported them to the Algonquin Park ranger. Isn't it awful? I know new legislation is coming out for Canadian UAVs. Thank goodness.

We had a lovely walk, as I took her around my forest. Such a great visit.
I kept thinking we should do a selfie, or ussie, but we were so busy getting to know one another!
I showed her one of our twin trees. The trunks of a birch and cedar have fused.

There are still some berries on the serviceberry tree. The raccoons eat em and poop them everywhere!

Off she went to visit some of her sisters.

After Susan left, I spotted a small helicopter. Can you spot it?!

 Dang trailcam, it didn't capture us on our walkies. Only me and a small deer. They were shooting at the recertification range last night. I hope the deer will come our way. It might just drive them further into the forest. I spent an hour mulching the leaves with the lawn tractor. Also, bringing in some of the lawn ornaments. Winter, bring it on!

Trailcam Oct.25 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Cloudia said...

Retirement is life's biggest challenge and joy

Debbie said...

bloggers are kind, is easy to develop relationships as we share so much!! nice that you had that great experience!!!

carol l mckenna said...

How delightful to have a photographer for a friend and who enjoys the woodland around your home ~ wonderful post ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Good Week ~ ^_^

Lady Fi said...

How very lovely indeed!

Karen said...

I've met a couple of my blog sisters too. Great people all!
We have many helicopters flying by us. We get the ORANG gang when they fly toward Algonquin, then many many military helicopters flying back and forth to Petawawa (which is very close as the crow flies). We hear a LOT of shooting on the ranges there too. When they bring out the big guns the whole house shakes.
I'm going to pull on my gum bubbies and go for a stroll with the dog before the snow starts. ~big sigh~

Out To Pasture said...

Glad the drone owners that harassed the moose were reported. Hope the drone was confiscated!

Red said...

I've only met one blogger but it was a super experience, Unfortunately she's not blogging anymore.

William Kendall said...

I've met one fellow blogger, Furry Gnome.

Those drones can be quite annoying.

Powell River Books said...

I had a Facebook friend come and visit me over the weekend. It was such fun, especially since I don't get too many women friends up at the cabin. She is an artist and author from Echo Bay way up the coast. Now that's really living off the grid. - Margy

Suzanne Oling said...

Thanks Jenn so very happy to finally meet face to face and soul to soul. I so enjoyed our visit and the lovely dinner you treated me to. Sorry I just saw this post now, gosh do I feel embarrassed. I do hope we can enjoy another few days encounter to deepen our friendship. <3