Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Book Review: Weaver's Light

I was sent Weaver's Light, an advance copy, and it came at the perfect time. It reminded me a little of another book (The Broken Circle), which incorporated knitting, design and colour into the tale.

Published by Barking Rain PressThe BRP Publishing Group is a Washington State non-profit publisher of books and eBooks. Located in the greater Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, which is a hub of thriving independent publishers and related venue.

I love the creativity, the imagination, and the knowledge of weaving integrated into the tale. It is a quest, and they can be wonderful journeys into the author's mind, taking us to a imaginary place.

Weaving is such an ancient activity. We've been to many museums with looms, but it is a craft and artisan effort, many continue to explore.

cropped spiral stair
Mara Fields
Weaver's Light (Fiction / Fantasy) by Mara Fields. With nothing but his art to get him up every morning, master weaver Callan Vellus mourns the loss of his wife and son at the bottom of a bottle each night. He hardly thinks beyond his next bottle of brandy--until a vision of falcon-faced sorcerers destroying a city with fistfuls of blue flame jolts him into action.


Summer said...

Looks interesting♥ Thanks for the review♥

Nancy J said...

I am sure in the past weaving was a necessity for many families, to make fabric suitable for them all. Beautiful photos.

William Kendall said...

I like the cover.

Debbie said...

this sounds like a great book, i enjoyed the review. something i would perhaps enjoy!!!!