Sunday, 2 October 2016

#6 Tupper Lake Trip; home again

Paul Bunyan!
Home again.
It was a whirlwind tour of the Adirondacks, #1 Tupper Lake Trip, specifically Tupper Lake. It was quite the distance. I think the trees had turned quite a bit compared to Saturday!

I love the atmosphere, the loggers and unique homes.

The signage is interesting, as we have similar signs in Ontario. We spotted several lawn signs, as well as the ubiquitous election signs, saying, "Justice for Garrett." I searched a bit and found out that this 12-year-old young boy who was murdered in 2011. A man was arrested, and they had a mistrial. Some say he was falsely accused. Some say the accused was targeted because he is black.

Old theatre!

I was intrigued with the signs for wheelchairs. I'm not quite sure what they indicate!

Passports ready, we found the bridge back to Canada. At this point, we switched and I drove us across. Hubby's back was getting to the point where he had to stop driving. I noticed that we still had cat paw prints on the hood!

JB took the photos as we drove across. He's getting good at photography!


Nancy J said...

After one of your previous posts, I Googled the checkpoint places for passport inspections. There are so many, and what a fantastic bridge. Well done Mr J for those photos, further back, one old home in tatters, and so many signs on the road-sides.A lovely day out for you both.

Red said...

This looks like a very clean area to travel through. You certainly found lots of good stuff to see.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
This looked like a really fun trip J&J and you just know I'sa bit jelly that you got to cross that bridge!!! The sign is a warning to watch the sides for those who are less able and possible in wheelchairs (natch)... as there are no sidewalks, they must have to use the 'shoulder' of the road. We have similar signs in the rural areas here where it is too costly to put in appropriate paths. YAM xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

i read all your Tupper Lake posts -- what a neat trip. Nice time of year to be in there as the Fall color begins.... I loved that craft room place.

Debbie said...

when i was little, i had family that lived there. i have many happy memories!!!

i just wanted dateline or 20/20 on the garrett story, very sad and they had zero evidence against the man on trial. he decided on a bench trial and i believe he was smart to do that. i do hope he was not guilty!!!

really pretty pictures!!!!

William Kendall said...

Fall is settling in very well. Beautiful shots.