Friday, 30 September 2016

September Precipitation

Sept. 27th – somewhat underwhelming: 4 mm!

Wetlands in the upper parts of the watershed are virtually dry as are tributary streams to the rivers. Residents are reporting neighbours who continue to water lawns. All are requested to conserve water.
Shoals continue to be a hazard in local lakes. Water is low, we are used to 160+ mm in summer.

MAY 20.6 rain
JUNE 51.8 rain
JULY 67.6 rain
AUG 88.8 rain

Sept. 26th - something on the way! Cold, as well!

We were in Tupper Lake on the weekend, and woke to -1 C. temperatures! Wow!

Sept. 23rd - 15.7mm!

Sept. 17th: a wonderful rainfall: 13.46 mm

Sept. 10th - precipitation 12.7 mm !!!!!

Sept. 8

Still raining on Thursday! How glorious! Despite the fact that we had wood delivered, and I have to stack it!

Sept. 7

I am hopeful... but not confident... we are in an extreme drought. [Turns out we had 5.8 mm ( 0.23") of rain.]

Sept. 3 Saturday

Looks like a sunny weekend, starting out a bit chilly, though! The morning began at 6 C.!

Sept. 1

This is the strangest rain cloud pattern, that I see all the time!

Funny thing was, it poured rain in Almonte, and we had nothing here!


Powell River Books said...

We had quite a bit of rain in September, about 150 mm total. I know they are sucking water out of the lake at the dam, and we are only dropping slowly. - Margy

William Kendall said...

We need a lot of it. It was such a dry summer.