Thursday, 25 August 2016

Walkies about our property

I ventured off to the backyard garden. The hibiscus is the size of a lunch plate. So beautiful! We've watered some parts of the garden. The veggies are about done. No new flowers on the tomato plants...

The drought is going to have an impact on our Central and Southeastern Ontario crops. We shall see. Lesser quality, smaller fruits, and less quantity, they predict.

In the meantime, there is much controversy around NestlĂ© Waters Canada's recently expired contract for taking water from Aberfoyle for the purpose of bottled water. I hope changes are made. They aren't the only company.

Activists urge Ontario to reject Nestle's water-taking permit renewal in town of Aberfoyle
Toronto Star - 15 hours ago
Nestle Waters Canada says it's committed to “a continued engagement with the community” .

Back to my story...Annabelle followed me, but Daisy heard her. Then Dorah followed, too. 
I wish we could take more rescue cats, but Daisy (7 lbs.) & Dorah (15 lbs. - litter mates) still boss Annabelle (10 lbs.) around. They followed me on a forest walk, and Daisy was really pissed off. She seems profoundly jealous. Mind you, this is what Buster would do to her.
Dorah on the grassy knoll.

Annie figured out she could go around them,
but Daisy roared out from the grassy knoll
and gave her hell.
It was soon over as Annie declared submission.

"That'll show you!"

Daisy and I continued on by ourselves, and wandered around the forest. Later, you'd never know what was up!

In the forest, I picked up a few leaves. Photographing them on the cement porch, I should have picked a better background!
Of course, Annabelle was curious...


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
MOL.. oh walkies have become the white gals' domain... but good to see differences can be had without loss of overall companionship! I love the leaves on the concrete; very soft and pastel-like. YAM xx

Anvilcloud said...

It's neat how the cats follow you or try to.
We are cat-sitting this week. She's a climber whereas our last two cats weren't.

Nancy J said...

Leaves up or down, are always lovely. Guess yours are showing signs of autumn. Our Boris attacks Felicity, totally unprovoked, I do wish she would give him a good cuff over the ears, I blame it on his not having a cat mother to train him. However I did my best, but obviously not good enough!!!

William Kendall said...

Of course a cat would be curious about something like leaves on the concrete!