Monday, 20 June 2016

Chesterville: War Memorial, McCloskey's, LCBO

Chesterville is part of
North Dundas.
Hubby attended the 'new' high school.

Saturday, June 18 was a marathon daycataion.

First stop: Chesterville.
It's a sweet, old town, a little under the weather with manufacturing going south.

Hubby worked in the LCBO, which is still there. He recalls having chits, that they had to take to the back of the store to be exchanged for the bottle.

The building is 55 years old. He worked here in 1971. Frank Arnold and Harold Merkley worked there, as well.

As with many Ontario watersheds, we are in a mild drought.
While in level I status, SNC asks residents, businesses and other industries throughout the watershed to reduce their water consumption by 10% in order to help mitigate the impacts of low water conditions. Water consumption can be reduced by limiting non-essential uses (e.g. lawn watering, car washing, etc.).


10% reduction in water consumption…
South Nation River runs through it

The Library - original location
This used to be the hotel. Now it is the Digital Arts and Film Association of Ontario. Artists can rent rooms in the old hotel, and have access to the equipment.

As with all small towns, there is a long history of serving in WW I and II, with monuments that have been update to include Korea and U.N. Peacekeeping, as well as Afghanistan.

Hubby recalls the town losing 5 men in one battle, all listed in the paper. This is a common story for small towns.
The town memorial to their soldiers is lovely. Hubby's family, on his mother's side, were Chambers. At one point in the war, since people from town enlisted together, 5 sons were killed on the same day in one battle.


William Kendall said...

A lot of names on the monuments- I am reminded of a small village up on the east side of Algonquin with several names inscribed from the Second World War on their memorial.

DUTA said...

I suppose your hubby was very moved by the visit to Chesterfield, the town where he attended high school and worked. What a lovely bench among the memorial monuments to the brave canadian soldiers!

Out To Pasture said...

Glad to see that our veterans are well memorialized. I remember those liquor store chits. Nice staycation!