Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chesterville and District Heritage Museum

Trip to Chesterville, Alexandria, Apple Hill

Chesterville to donate items to the museum, visit the LCBO (where JB worked in the 70s).
We visited the Chesterville's War Memorial, then the Chesterville Museum, and hubby donated his late uncle's items from a collection, bought in Perth!

Chesterville Museum

Hubby was donating items from his late uncle's estate to the Chesterville Heritage Museum. It is an amazing place, with interesting items. Sadly, they do not have funding for a student to work there this year. The Chesterville & District Historical Society has a Facebook page.

We met Mr. Gilroy, JB remembers his father, who had a jewelry business. His father was always the 'new' jeweler. He's been practicing in town for 25 years, at this point. Hubby grew up in Chesterville, with his mom and grandparents on the farm.

Employment for Chesterville was the Nestlé plant, sadly closed, leaving hundreds in the region unemployed. Free Trade didn't work well for many factory employees, nor does outsourcing. There were 300 people laid off when it closed in 2006.

 Royal Visit 1951 Scrapbook


DUTA said...

How very interesting! The donation of items to the local museum, the encounter with Mr. Gilroy, the royal family photos - bring back priceless memories to your husband.

Olga Hebert said...

A worthwhile day all around.

Anvilcloud said...

Nice to see the scrapbooks.

Karen said...

I remember someone in my family having a royal family scrapbook like the one you are showing.

Saw you and hubby on Carol Anne Meehan's video from Nathalie's farm!
Wish we could have made it but we had taken the previous weekend off and run down to SDG for a family visit so work was back on this weekend.

William Kendall said...

The old telephone catches my eye!

Red said...

It's good that things are saved and carefully displayed for people to get a good idea of the past.