Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Rehabilitation of county Rd. #1

In honour of the construction,
I've given bear a hard hat!

It started with traffic cones. Then, they began marking the Bell and gas lines with little red and yellow flags. I must admit to some curiosity!  I asked our local radio station on FB. They told me to contact the township.

Citizen journalism at work! I actually emailed the county (this IS 2016!) and the PR person responded.

"As per the Director of Public Works, there are going to be some culverts  replaced, the existing asphalt is going to be pulverized, new granular added and then the road will be repaved with the addition of a paved shoulder.The work is going to start next week and is scheduled to be completed by the end of June."
Bikes & cars have had a hard time
without a shoulder.
We're in for some construction! It runs for about 5km, and it'll be great having the traffic slow down. They'll have to! We have quite a few trucks, and we're really hoping for a ring road around Perth, but that isn't going to happen soon.

You know it is spring when construction beings! Even the police are warning us on Twitter.


First the pylons were put into place. Bell (red flags) and the gas lines (yellow) were marked.

Contract # PW-C-14-2016-16-E0
Warm Mix Rehabilitation of County Road #1 (Rideau Ferry Road) Warm Mix Rehabilitation County Road #1 (Rideau Ferry Road), Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited, $1,372,020.03 and Provisional Item #1 Trackless Tack Coat, $13,299.00.

April 26th 

 After this, the culverts were the first to be replaced.

April 29th culvert work

This is just the beginning!

There are those who say Canada only has three seasons, bugs, construction and snow! Traffic can be a scary thing.

This infrastructure is very important and provides jobs, as well as helping people get to their work, play, and medical appointments.
What about your neck of the woods?!


Anvilcloud said...

Locally, there was a lot of work done on the bridge on #7 last year, so I'm not sure if there is much going on this year.

Nancy J said...

I often think councils or other public offices do huge works at the end of their financial year, to make sure they get a similar or better budget allowance for the next year. Once done, your road will be a whole lot safer.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully the work goes smoothly.