Wednesday 4 May 2016

Parks Canada spending $40M to shore up crumbling Rideau Canal

UPDATE: Poonamalie

This is just the beginning of construction in our region. This was some early spring work. parks Canada is trying to create more tourist opportunities.

Including previously announced investments of $6.6 million at Black Rapids Lock 13 and the Poonamalie Dam, the government says it has now announced $46 million in infrastructure spending on the Rideau Canal in the past five years.

Parks Canada will do smaller repairs at the Upper Nicholsons, Edmonds and Narrows lock stations and the Merrickville swing bridge. It will also spend $7 million on repairs to dams and locks in various locations along the canal’s length.

Motts Mills dam renovations

Poonamalie Dam Reconstruction 


Anvilcloud said...

As a heritage site, it's right to keep it up.

William Kendall said...

It needed to be done- the Harper regime seemed to neglect it. There's a stretch of the north side of the Canal near Bronson Avenue that's been getting repair work done over the winter- it looks like they just have to top the restored wall with a concrete cap.