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'There is a limit to what opposition MPPs can achieve'

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So said Denley in his recent ramble regarding a nearby MPP: . Some of them are notorious for garnering attention! This sentence nailed it on the head, though. Many politicians are more concerned with sound bytes and media attention than making change. As has been said, "Don't come to me with problems, come to me with solutions." Programs and services, education, and dialogue. Boots on the ground, so-to-speak.

There are two issues where my local MPP, Randy Hillier seems to be, not so much standing on the sidelines shrieking for change, but actually creating some dialogue, if not setting our county up for some positive change and front-line services. It's only at the local level that an Opposition MPP can enact change. This is a welcome move into 2016! Mr. Back-Off-Government, who claims we are soft on crime, or some other conservative rhetoric, has begun to make progress. Like Rob Ford and Trump, he gets press from ranting, and finds his racist, homophobic, and antigovernment constituents respond in kind.

It is only in dialogue, rather than ranting, that we can enact change.  I do like to reflect on issues, but  My MPP told me to 'get a life'! Hillier, who blocks this constituent on Twitter, doesn't want to listen to opposite opinions. It did shock me. He tolerates all sorts of abuse, racism, and name-calling against his foes on his Facebook page comments section after each article he posts. I find it shocking, but this is Lanark County where all sorts of people, with diverse views, abide.

However: Progress is being made

Ontario Landowners Association
I have seen some progress in two areas by our MPP. Both issues have hit him at home. It is a learning curve, methinks.

1. Rural domestic violence: He and his family were the victims of his daughter's former domestic partner.

2. PTSD: His son, Dillon Hillier, has served in the military, as well as going over, on his own, to fight with the Kurds in Afghanistan. Dillon Hiller returned home from this fighting in Jan., 2015.

3. Copyright Laws; He or his peeps have also learned that rather than violating copyright and reproducing an entire article from a copywritten source, his peeps have summed up Randy Hillier references to the PTSD work he is doing. 

'There is a limit to what opposition MPPs can achieve'

I would agree with this statement. Historically, our local MPP, Randy Hillier, has been quite vocal in his opposition to many, many things. Here are a few.

HydroOne for a start. Rural metres haven't been working for many constituents. Hillier has ranted about this for years, to no avail. No solutions (aside from disbanding Hydro), only problems. Horror stories abounded. Hillier ranted for years in the media. Ours never did work, but since Hillier isn't speaking to me (even when I sent him condolences on the death of his mother), I didn't complain to him as others have done. I resorted to submitting a reading myself, on a monthly basis. Lately (2016), our Time Of Use (TOU) 'smart metre' is being manually read monthly by Hydro, at long last!
What he could have done for his constituents, is support them in properly reading their metres, and ensuring that they received monthly bills.

'Standing up for
Property Rights and Freedom
Hillier has broken with his OLA (Originally he was a cofounder:   June 2012: Randy Hillier cuts ties to landowner lobby ) In a Letter to the editor [MPP expresses support for Bill 100he writes: "It is only in the dystopian and conspiratorial world of the current OLA and their co-conspirators that mutually agreeable and voluntary agreements have now become suspicious, harmful and dangerous towards property owners and where improved rural business opportunities are a covert government grab for our lands. "
He used to be a libertarian, 'back off government' kind of person, while drawing a 6-digit MPP's salary. Our MPP protests the overeager state of environmental protection ('The Nanny State').
He's battling the Algonquin Land Treaty (He's been siding with landowners, anglers and hunters, being free to do as they wish).
Vaping. Liberals lost in a fog over vaping: PC MPP Randy Hillier As is his way, when it becomes personal, he does what is best for him, as a former smoker and one who vapes.

Liberals Are Coming After Your Vapes And Medical Marijuana

 Hillier has been at war with fellow MPPs. In the news. Sterling's spat with Hillier reignitesHe continues to crow about 'grilling' the government, rather than working for change. It's no wonder they don't often listen to him. 'This is what constant questioning will get you. After I grilled the Attorney General over her lack of action on the SIU report this morning and sent her a letter advocating for the SIU reports to be made public, the Premier has stated the report will now be released to the public." 
Despite working on the task force on domestic violence, the Ontario bill has yet to be passed, and he used his Facebook bandwidth ranting against Wynne, who has failed to eradicate domestic violence. This irks him, according to his on-line video, despite it being an age-old problem. Violence is down, thank to education and support systems. Murders by partners is on the rise. (I.E.,  Yesterday the Premier stated "she wouldn't take lessons from me" Today I asked if that was because I am a man, a husband, father or because " am a rural MPP-see how she responds. It’s pretty clear by Wynne's arrogant and defensive demeanor that not only is the Premier embarrassed by her government’s lack of action on domestic violence but that she has no real ideas to tackle the unique issues and circumstances rural women and their families face with domestic violence.)
In 2013 the Star published a leaked email from Progressive Conservative labour critic Randy Hillier warning his fellow MPPs they were “walking on thin ice” by helping one of Ontario’s biggest constructions firms advance its legislative agenda...

Inaugural clinic seminar in Perth attracts PTSD-affected cops, Afghan vets

Perth Courier By Desmond Devoy 
An area doctor intends to bring a program to Perth to treat veterans and emergency first responders dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Hillier Backs World Class PTSD Treatment

 Dillon Hillier, Canadian vet who fought ISIS, returns home ...

Reevely: Tory leadership candidates courting 'nutbars', Hillier warns


Three would-be leaders of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives made obeisance to the Ontario Landowners Association last weekend, horrifying their caucus mate who helped found the group.
Mar 01, 2013

Negotiators dismiss anglers, hunters claims as “categorically, inappropriately wrong”

PERTH - The chief negotiator for the Algonquins of Ontario is hitting back at claims made at a recent meeting that private...

Story image for randy hillier from

MPP Randy Hillier reveals his family's horrifying domestic violence ... 11, 2016
A testy exchange with Premier Kathleen Wynne prompted MPPRandy Hillier to reveal at Queen's Park that his family had been victimized by ...

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Rural domestic violence highlighted at community forum 19, 2016
Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington MPP Randy Hillier attended the forum. He is encouraging the provincial government to use the ...


William Kendall said...

Randy Hillier and MacLaren are by far the worst MPPs in the legislature. It doesn't seem to get through that thick bloody skull of his that as an MPP he represents all of his constituents, not just the ones who agree with him, and cutting one off is a petulent, childish act of stupidity.

He's a bully, and he's always been that way. Too bad he didn't get a beat down when he was a kid by another kid- he might have turned out to be a better person for it. Now it's too late to change.

Red said...

There are too many Randy Hilliers around. I always have to wonder who would vote for these goons. After the last election we may be changing.