Friday, 1 April 2016

Kingston March 30th

We were on our way to Wolfe Island, and spotted a convoy in Kingston!
Arriving at the ferry docks at 10:36, we'd JUST missed the ferry! Instead of waiting, we drove along the shoreline, down to the water.
It's a lovely bit of the country. Lots of big and small, old and upgraded farms.
There was a dog training session going on along the way.
The buildings in Kingston are so old. We've been to Kingston lots of times!
The harbour has a newish performing centre, as part of Queen's University: Isabel Bader Centre.
As well as beautiful, light-filled classrooms overlooking the lake, the Isabel offers:
  • a production studio
  • film editing suites
  • studio theatre
  • film screening room
  • art and media lab


William Kendall said...

Just missing the ferry.... isn't that a nuisance? Lovely shots!

Red said...

Great tours. Awesome photos.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That long stone building is really neat.

Anvilcloud said...

So, there is actually a ferry at Rideau Ferry? I didn't know.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

There is not, Anvilcloud! There used to be, which is why it is called Rideau Ferry! It was Oliver's Landing, a horrid man, apparently.
No, this was in Kingston on our way to Wolfe Island!