Thursday, 31 March 2016

March 2016 weather

March 31st Over an inch of rain today!

March 28th Sadly, I forgot to put the gauge out yesterday, I put it out at 6:30 a.m.!

March 26

March 25 

What a mess out there! Ice rain damage and trees fallen on wires. This is from New Tecumseth.

March 24

The eagerly awaited storm begins. It is the 9th 'snow day' for Ottawa schools. We had 6cm March 22. They are threatening ice with the near-zero temperatures. We shall see!

More than 38,000 hydro customers in areas west and north of Toronto were without power early Thursday.
PowerStream, north of the city, was reporting 28,000 residents and businesses without power in the Vaughan. Woodbridge and Kleinburg areas.Ontario Hydro was working to restore power to more than 10,000 customers, primarily in the Fergus, Listowel, Cambridge and Kincardine areas, with restoration expected to be completed by around mid-morning

March 22 Love the fine print: 'rain starting in 4 min!'

March 21 -glad snow tires are still on!

March 19th

In the meantime, out west there have been avalanches with horrific consequences.  Avalanches abound with warm weather 14 dead this season.
David Davidoff -died in an avalanche
Davidoff's scenery

March 16th

We are in for some cold, cold temperatures!

March 14th March Break rain, rain, rain

It began with rain!

March 0.15"

March 10th

All those clouds, and we didn't get any rain yesterday! This morning, it was fog. Perhaps rain today, although the worst of it will be in NY!!

March 9 a little rain expected

March 7th

March 6th - what a strange forecast! 

Snow in 31 minutes! We had a lovely, sunny drive.

March 5th

Next week looks to be mild!

March 4th – we anticipate a warm front

From Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Watershed Conditions Statement

Water levels on lakes and flows in the streams are presently at or slightly above normal for the time of year as a result of the January weather and thaws that happened through February. With the changing levels that can be expected over the next weeks, ice cover on lakes, ditches, local streams and rivers will be increasingly unstable. Caution should be exercised by everyone when near local waterbodies.  Parents should inform their children of the risks and provide appropriate supervision.

Wed., March 2nd

Far less snow, they say. However, the storm was to begin Tuesday night, and it didn't begin until after midnight. We'll see how much snow we get!
Slow travels to work,many collisions...

Tuesday, Mar. 1st What a shock!
Look at those temperatures! And there is a storm on the way, scheduled for Tuesday night.


Kay said...

You certainly have had a lot more interesting weather than we did in Hawaii.

William Kendall said...

March seems to have been a lion for most of the month! There's an editorial cartoon in the last few days from a guy out west that addresses it, if you google Cartoon Ink.