Thursday, 14 April 2016

Book Review: Man With Child

Marc Kuritz
I love reading this kind of book.
It is a delightful book. Kuritz is well-read, that's for sure. Well-written, funny and fun, honest and self-deprecating.  His writing is supplemented with some quotes by respected writers, characters and philosophers: Dr. Seuss, Einstein, Captain Picard, Muhammad Ali, Star Trek and Star Wars, all with their own wisdom.

He states that there are about 70 million fathers in the USA, yet only 0.31% are stay-at-home dads! I'm not surprised. The economy demands that both parents work, in many situations. Yet things are changing. In fact, many dads are changing diapers these days!

When I was a stay-at-home mom (1981) my best friend worked nights in a smelter, and his wife, a nurse, worked days. We were great friends.  He was in charge of his kids daytime. He was a role model during those changing times.

The illustrator, Sean Jackson, really adds to the wit of the book.
The cover is my favourite, created by the team of Hunter Hacket and Anisi Baigude. They are working on the Patreon platform, a sort of GoFundMe program, where you can become a patron helping to create Galaxy Girl. It is worth checking out!

Man With Child (Nonfiction – Parenting) is the travelogue of a full-time daddy in a mommy’s world. For daddies and daddies-to-be, here are some observations, warnings, and minor revelations. For mommies who stare at daddies as if to say “What were you thinking?” here is one dad’s answer. Both mommies and daddies will find insights about each other’s perspectives—with plenty of laughs along the way!


William Kendall said...

That sounds fun!

Red said...

Too often the male parent is absent in practice even if they live in the home.