Friday, 18 March 2016

Sitting grandies during March Break: Days 1 & 2

The story of Nebuchannezzar,
who brought the girls to Gramma and Grampa's house!

You may laugh at me documenting our week with our grandies, but it helps to write down what we did, so as to best prepare for the next time! It's amazing how quickly they grow up.

'Gramma Stories,' stories I have made up over the years are almost passé. This is why I created an 'on demand' book of one tale, just to remind me in my dotage, about those lovely bedtime stories. I paid Fiverr for some artwork, too. Jos, age 8, reads her chapter books. Izzy, age 5, wanted more sophisticated tales!

We have such fun! My garbage truck video (2010)  has had 6818 hits! Jos used to love to wait for the truck.

Day 1

Caitlin brought the kids over. Izzy and I played 'school',

Caitlin joined in, while Grampa and Josee went shopping.Unpacked, and good to go. Well, Annie was good to go. This is a chair that converts to a bed.

"Close Eyes" was a single, red rose for me, lollipops for the girls! Kitty Unicorn for Jos.
Three videos: The Lego Movie was chosen my Izzy. (It was raining and cold outdoors.)
You are the Special. Emmett.You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.
Then, A Tale of Despereaux, which someone wisely taped ahead of time.

Bedtime story, on Pi day (3/14)! What a funny choice by Isabelle. 

Sir Cumference 
and the Dragon of Pi 

Day 2 Tuesday: first full day

Morning cartoons: Napkin Man (Yannick Bisson- who won a CSA Sunday for Murdoch Mysteries!) 
Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.
Video: Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Breakfast: yogurt, juice, and leftover pizza! :-)
Minor crisis, as they ate their brekkie. I was in the bathroom, about to have a shower, and I heard a few screams...

We played school for a couple of hours. Iz set up several centres: the jumping centre, block centre, plasticine and art centres, exercise centre. Daisy joined us, checking out the tent.
Isabelle (SK, age 5) wrote in out special memories diary. I love that she is brave enough to do invented spelling. I had so many students who were afraid to try. (Mind you, her mommy taught herself to read at age 3!)
We wocht Wyuld Crats today.
To: Papa

We played Sorry and then Jos and I played Uno. Again, Daisy participated.

We have had a bit of a crisis with Dorah. She's at the animal hospital for a few days, to begin a course of Prozac for her anxiety issues. Buster will be placed in the spa for a week, before Dorah returns home, just to settle things down. Black male cats have this tendency. (Who knew? More later!)

Tonight's bathroom/bedtime selection: Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland and (by special request), The Fall of Freddie The Leaf.

Izzy went down well. She had had a busy day playing school. We were much more vigilant on her sleep hygiene, AKA bedtime routine, and she had a nice bath, after watching Jeopardy with Grampa, while I did Izzy's bedtime routine.

Day 3 Wednesday

Jos, first up at 8:00. Isabelle was doing something in her room! Again, Knapkin Man (stud muffin!), Daniel Tiger.
Todays, plan: brunch at the pancake sugar shack! It was packed!

There is this game we play.
"Hay, gramma!" She got me three times!

Dragon quest. Jos ended up with a unicorn.

Back home, we modeled our newest art project on this castle on Bachus Isl, we took a bit of a drive around.

Next, it was construction of the Land of Fantasies. Grampa went out shopping, and brought home some dragon flags for our project.

Daisy helped, and we konked Izzy out.

Bedtime: I read the Dr. Suess' Happy Birthday to You. Apparently, you are in trouble when they are reading along with you, and they correct me. "It's not hooray, Gramma, it's hurrah!" :-)

Tomorrow, the final two days!


William Kendall said...

It sounds like they've kept you busy!

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm so happy for you, Jenn, having two sweet granddaughters like Izzy and Jos.
Hugs from here,

Kay said...

Sigh... I can see what a wonderful time you're having with your beautiful grandchildren.