Saturday, 19 March 2016

Grandsitting, Day 3's Art & Day 4 Aquatarium

This is our Land of Fantasies Project

On Day 4, Thursday, Jos was all packed to home for the next day! She's just like her grandfather! (They don't go home until Friday!)

As we loaded them up, Izzy was fascinated with the deer, who was fascinated with her. This appears to be our lone, small female, who hangs around all summer.

The drive was rather drab, with browns of spring. Jos read to Izzy. What a wonderful big sister!

Aquatarium  in Brockville

Here is the entrance!

HUGE line-ups! There was lots to do. We spent quite a bit of time on archeology...fossils, you know!

Sea urchins under the magnifying glass.

You can step up into a booth, have your photo taken, and they email this to you!

The highlight, by far, was the model of the Great Lakes seaway system.

The demonstrated a dam, and how you divert water to harness the hydroelectricity.

The pirate ship was terrific, even if I didn't go up. By then I was somewhat weary.

Even though Mama and Papa gave us spending money, Jos gave grampa a hug for buying her some stones!

Lunch in the pub!

By now, I was feeling quite weary and while I napped, Jos read stories to Iz, and we had rain! They were very cool clouds!

Home again, and I had another long nap. I was feeling sick. Grampa was great, he ended up making sandwiches for dinner, and brought out the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes for dessert.


eileeninmd said...

Hello Jen, looks like a fun time and aquarium visit. I am sure your grandchildren loved spending the day with you. Wonderful series of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

William Kendall said...

I can see that aquatarium really appealing to kids!

Christine said...

looks like a fun day, a bit of a field trip!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

What a great visit you all had. Lovely shots. Have a great week ahead.