Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ice Storm '16 part 3

I am so sore, picking up branches. I had a hot bath last night, it helped, and wine! A good breakfast and I'm up for some fresh air and more outside work. I just have to pace myself, being an old fart! I wrecked hubby's work gloves, he went into town to buy new ones. They smell lovely, though. They just stick to everything. There is much sap involved with broken pine branches! And my best fall workcoat: the sleeves are so sticky. I don't know if a good wash will get it out. <SIGH>

It was warm enough to work!

Speaking of smell, hubby brought home some pretty white roses. They are so nice. (He did groceries.) Dorah thinks the Baby's Breath is mushable. She's rubbing her cheek on it every chance she can get. Annabelle sits there and watches her quizzically!

I worked like this for hours in the good old days, but 59 is nearly 60 and I can feel the toll age has on me! I took the opportunity to sit in the sun for a break several time. Saturday, I spent 2 1/2 hours out there, again. I'm working tree-by-tree, hoping to be able to see progress, yet I cannot. Some of the needles, surrounded by ice, have frozen into the snow on the ground. Instead, I had to use the skilsaw to cut up the largest branches and when the battery pooped out, and resorted to lugging the smaller branches to the grassy knoll.
Wed., the needles frozen,
it has since melted and/or evaportated

A local contractor, who took down some trees for us last year, reminded me that he could do the work, but I'll plug away every day and hope for the best. I've only broken one nail! Daisy was no help at all. There was a wicked wind, and the ice pieces crash to the ground. She was quite fearful.

Today, Sunday, we are expecting more freezing rain, which is horrible for the trees.
These flying bits of ice hurt!
Our power flickered on and off 3 or 4 times during Wednesday, Feb. 24th's storm. It occurred to me yesterday that in the event of a power outage I should have emptied the bird bath, lest it freezes and cracks again. [The bird bath saga]  At 10:00 p.m. it didn't occur to me, reading by flashlight, comfy in bed. Yikes.

There is beauty in the ice refracting the light, but the sad old pine trees break my heart. They have to be 100 years old. There are more, down in the meadow, with fallen branches but I haven't had the heart to go down there. The walking is terrible in the deep snow.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...well I guess it's keeping you out of mischief! Crikey though, there's a price to such beauty... YAM xx

Nancy J said...

It looks pristine, white, and totally wonderful, but so much work out there. Remember, there is always tomorrow, Once the ice melts, and some snow is gone, it might be easier. Try being 75 and still doing the easy/harder/ very hard stuff!!!That is one wonderful reason why we have some help outside, for the very hard stuff!!!

William Kendall said...

So strange how freezing rain can cause so much damage and yet be beautiful. I haven't seen it here- we've had snow thus far.

Christine said...

This time will pass sooner rather than later Jenn, and you are still young!

Red said...

Good for you for being a stubborn old fart and cleaning up branches. Now 59? I ask you, is that really old. You'll love 76!!!