Sunday, 31 January 2016

Trailcam tales & comparing trailcams

What a time I've had! I decided to put a feeder up in the wetland to try and capture photos of the Snowshoe hare. With my new gloves (on sale at a leather shop that was going out of business- thank you hubby!), I showed the size of my hare!
Down I went to the edge of the wetland. This is a spot that gets high traffic, according to the tracks in the snow. More so in summer, as the wetland water is deep here. You can see where they skirt the water in summer. The wetland is nice and flat where it is deeper water.

Jan. 25 Day 1, a red squirrel
Jan. 26 Day 2, deer (of course!) Lots of deer selfies.
I switched the direction of the camera. My experts tell me to face it north. It doesn't matter deep in the wetland, as the sun only shines when it is overhead. The trees are plentiful.
Jan. 29th Day 5 brought our fox, and then 3 deer. I love seeing the way they flip their white tails as they run!


I had someone contact me to ask advice on trailcam products. Trailcam pros and cons  Of course, the purpose of the camera is important: I want to know what is in my forest. Hunters use these to determine potential hunting sites, and they don't necessarily need a good photo. They are awful for any nighttime photos, as they move quickly in the night. I want to see the smaller critters, like our snowshoe hare, and the red-tailed fox, and they are too quick! Birds are hopeless. Although, I've had a few good shots. They don't capture birds at the feeders, as they are too quick.

I'm really upset with the quality of the Wildgame trailcam at night. The Wildgame product takes more batteries (12) and does lousy night photos. Go figure! My Moultrie was much better, capturing photos of our coyotes and rabbit. Here is January of last year.

The Moultrie videos were better, too.


William Kendall said...

Animals really are out and about at all hours!

Powell River Books said...

I finally got a trail cam for Christmas but we couldn't get it to work in the automatic mode. We bought it online (Amazon) and it took over a month to get it sent back and get credit back. When we get home to Powell River we are going to go to the marine store that sells things like cameras and gps along with fishing gear. If they don't have what they recommend they can order it. Then if it doesn't work we can go in and get help. I think the woodrats have finally tucked themselves in for the winter. My cedar tree on the deck can get a break from their nibbling teeth. - Margy

Cranberry Morning said...

Well isn't that fun!!