Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bala Falls Hydro Project: Part #27

Bala Falls circa 1940
The latest development is a shame or a sham.

This has gone on so long (since 2008, see below), for a dam built to exploit the water a long, long time ago (1940)! Swift River is trying to redevelop it, to harness the energy, and some locals have been vitriolic in their protests.

 The lack of development is a testament to some romantic citizens who are unprepared to move into the new millennium. The mayor introduced an agenda item in camera, that the anti-Bala Falls Hydro Dam opponents didn't like and they simply left the meeting. They were details of the rental agreement between Swift River Energy and the township. The project is a go, but still some are dragging their heels in the dust, including councillors.

Dangerous swimming, with young kids.
Two adults drowned here in the undertow.
They've been duly elected to carry out the business of the region. They should have their remuneration deducted. You shouldn't fight city hall if you are elected to city hall. Those of us in favour are silenced by fear. Well, some of us! I've been unfriended on Facebook by someone who thought the councillors were in the right for storming out and stopping the meeting.

They had options. You can object to the motion as Out of Order, if it wasn't properly presented. You can vote against it. Leaving the meeting is simply ignorant. The councillors could have raised an objection, and had the chair rule that it was inadmissible.

Walking away from a meeting is ridiculous. More tactics by this group, which has included lies, attempted bribery, ridiculous signage, blocking the work of the council by permitting this issue to
View from Margaret Burgess Park,
(which will not change after the redevelopment)
swimming will still be dangerous.
dominate the business of council.

To quote my friend, Norah Fountain,
Walking away from that duty may delay the inevitable, but it isn’t democratic, responsible or ethical.
She has written more:
Commentary: Are Township Councilors representing us well when they walk out of public session, stopping sharing of Council decisions? Read Councilor walk out undemocratic...
Bala Falls Update: It's back to court for Save the Bala Falls and Township of Muskoka Lakes... Read about Save the Bala Falls appeal


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Mayors behaving badly – how does yours stack up?


William Kendall said...

I don't see that being resolved anytime soon.

Red said...

Democracy is messy and sometimes we lose. And as you say there are options people can take. Yes, I've kept a motion on the floor but in the end I lost. My motion was to have a sliding scale for retirement. First year 20% pension, 80% employed, second year 40% pension, 60 % employed and so on for five years when you fully retire. You get the drift?