Monday, 7 December 2015

Book Review: Through The Eyes of Guilt

Alvin Epp
"Through the Eyes of Guilt".
'Our morality defines our mortality and Our mortality defines our morality"

Another tough book to read. No where on the back cover does it mention that it is religious, and God-focused. That will turn off spiritualists, atheists and agnostics right away. The first chapter, rather than outlining his premise, sets us up with a different one:
How does God permit bad things to happen to good people?

Now, I read THAT book. Yep, sh1t happens, it's how you deal with it, and the lessons you learn, that are important. Like a good parent, God created natural laws, humanity, and lets human nature take its course.

In chapter two, Epp makes a connection between God and ego-driven actions. I still don't see his connection. He delves into the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the apple. I had trouble getting to the part where we manage our guilt.

Usually, a self-help book sets up the argument, tells us how they will demonstrate their premise, and what we will learn from the book. This was sadly lacking.

His stock photo on the cover page looks more like the cover of a romance novel. I'm just sayin'! She doesn't look too guilty, with her come-hither eyes! Talk to me about women and guilt. We wrote the book! And we don't look like this chickie!

Epp appears to be a well-placed, well-to-do man, with a sailing photo dominating his home page. He is a male-model, as well as a motivational speaker. Interesting combination! I'm sure this book would be great as a speech, but it loses something in the transition to print.

Epp's web page features a lovely, relaxing meditation, Calming Seas #1. The problem with this is that it is pasted over with ads. It just seems crass! Relax, learn to meditate, but hurry and get rid of belly fat! Seriously!
YouTube meditation

Men's group leader and life coach Alvin Epp believes so expounds upon his claim in his new book,"Through the Eyes of Guilt". 

“Life is not meant to be lived guilt free [sic],” Epp said. “Guilt is designed to motivate us to live beyond the grip of judging ourselves and the judgments we place on others so that we can live in the freedom of discovering our true selves.” 


DUTA said...

"How does God permit bad things happen to good people"

Well, it depends on what you mean by good people. If you believe in God, (or in a supernatural power) , you have to accept the universe He has created as Is, not trying to play God yourself; that is , don't try to change people or nations thinking you're good and doing someone a favor. If you do, then you violate God's rules and order of things; God sees it as deeds of 'bad people', and acts accordingly.

William Kendall said...

It does sound like a difficult read... not particularly for me.

Red said...

I'll pass on this one.