Tuesday 8 December 2015

Balloon releases become deadly litter

Still recovering, but happily and gainfully unemployed reading news, doing one minor chore at a time, and trying to clean house for guests.

This is an excellent article. Why not release balloons? I wrote in 2010, when I found a balloon bouquet in our meadow.

*Blow bubbles (Collect all empty bubble bottles and wands.)
*Plant a tree or a garden.
*Light candles (Use safety precautions and collect all spent candles.)
*Float flowers or flower petals (Many people feel a sense of peace and of letting go when they watch the flowers float away on a stream or lake.)
*Fly a kite (Never near trees or lines where a kite could become entangled and harm birds.)

My horse whisperer friend, Nancy, points out...
horses (and cattle) have ingested that thin wire that holds the darn balloon lanterns open. It gets in hay fields, gets baled, gets fed... too thin to detect, until it punctures the gut and the animal dies in agony, with nothing a vet can do to help...

If you are planning a balloon release for a special occasion, understand that the moment or two of delight the balloons provide can have deadly consequences for the environment. When you release balloons you are littering and your litter…


William Kendall said...

Good points, actually.

Red said...

We have too many great ideas to produce junk and get money for it.