Sunday, 1 November 2015

October weather

That was a month! Where DID it go? It's been crazy tempera
Stratus gauge
tures, up and down above zero C. and the cats just don't know what to make of it. Yesterday, Saturday, we woke to a good freeze, and the deer were out and about.

I love my professional-standard Stratus rain gauge. It's not metric, however, and I have to find the metric equivalent.

I think a rainy night for the Trick-or-treaters, but we Canadians are tough!

Oct. 29

Last night, 17.288 mm = 0.72" rain. Balmy day, sun is out. Winds were crazy. Lots of power outages.

Oct. 28

To quote my friend, Leigh
"I would say the wind and rain combo is currently quite bad, later on it will be rather bad, followed by some "oh I say" amounts of rain."

Smiths Falls - Perth - Eastern Lanark County

Issued at 22:13 Tuesday 27 October 2015
Rain heavy at times and gusty winds tonight through Thursday. A strong fall storm is forecast tonight and the Golden Horseshoe area by Wednesday morning. The rain will continue to move into Central and Eastern Ontario through the day on Wednesday. Latest indications continue to suggest 25 to 40 mm of rain in most areas.

Oct 25

Such contrasting weather.

Oct. 24

That's a storm front!
We had relatively mild weather. Mexico had Hurricane Patricia, while Texas had a dump of 300mm of rain.
Someone tweeted this sad Texas incident

Oct. 21


Oct. 19


Oct. 18

It was -4 and the Catalpa leaves stripped themselves in one fell swoop. Another storm moving in.

Oct. 17


Oct. 15

Power outage, off to the pub for dinner in Smiths Falls! Helluva storm!

Oct. 12/13

Oct.  9

7.4 mm rain! Poor South Carolina...

Oct. 4

The remnants of Hurricane Joaquin

Oct. 1st

A bit of a shock: 3 C.


Powell River Books said...

We are just the reverse. After all those years learning non-metric measurements, trying to think in metres and litres and centigrade is a challenge. - Margy

William Kendall said...

Enough rain to have knocked the train over... yikes!