Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hallowe'en 2015

My kids, long ago!
Both of them are now parents!
Many people ask us, how do you get through each day, living with cancer?
We do this by living in the present moment. We live mindfully, enjoying every day. I just saw a couple of interviews with a former professional curler, Colleen Jones –who faced bacterial meningitis and has written a book about it, and has come to the same conclusions that we have.

Frosty's outfit
Hubby tells me that while he reads newspapers: Ottawa, regional and those online; we don't fret over the things we cannot change. We love discussing and debating and putting the world to rights.
We find things that interest us. My blog, for example, even though hubby doesn't read it, I like to write it. I know two of my three adult children read it to find out what we are up to! I've made a lot of virtual friends, and have met a few in person. Walkies with cats. Lunch out.

We don't mind the cold or snow, as some do, and complain bitterly. We were eyeing a new snowblower Friday. With a 100m drive-way you just have to have the right tools and the right clothes! We love the changes in weather. October is a fun month with Thanksgiving and

Friday, I asked hubby to take me out for some drive-by shootings. I've been watching a building being built, new and film when it is finished! But, also, the Hallowe'en decorations. They are fun. After school, a few of the blow-up ones were inflated. I am not a good enough photographer to do them at night. I love the pumpkins, mostly. The deflated 'decorations' hubby says look like jellied aliens.

What I love about an old city, like Perth (1816), are the really old buildings lend themselves to the old, creepy haunted house look! With their old, big porches, there is lots of space for creativity. The rural homes have as much fun using up lawn space!


Nancy J said...

Pic #1,,and a cat with a pumpkin are my picks for today. Living with illness, much how we coped when Hugh was in so much pain. On a good day you rejoice, on a bad day cope as best you can, never dwelling on any negativity. Up at 4 a.m. to watch the RWC final!!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Yup. Now is the only time worth living... &*> There are some amazing decorations - I agree, the older homes look best for this stuff. Round here, of course, there are no such things. Maybe one or two pumpkins. Hope you have a peaceful night! YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It does look like a whole lot of people there really get into Hallowe'en!

Red said...

That was a good drive. I understand but am always surprised how people gain control of their lives when they have cancer.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Plan ahead but live in and enjoy the moment! That's our motto too (and we've had some of the same health issues, as you know). I always enjoy reading of how much fun you get out of everyday activities (walks, drive by shooting) and especially appreciate how you try to add some fun activity to your medical appoaintment trips. We try to do that as well.

I do admire your acceptance, even love, of winter. I love Autumn and all the changes, if only this season would last longer. (Cheerfully admitting I do not like cold and damp ... hence Florida as long as we can do it!).

When our kids were small I think they loved Halloween as much as they loved Christmas --- it seems like it has gotten a lot more commercialized since then and more like an adult party holiday --- but complaining makes me sound like some old lady. Cheez -- you'd think I was three-quarters of a century old or something >)))~