Monday, 23 November 2015

My daughter found it!

She took a flashlight, with help from my granddaughters, and found our tree frog. Josephine held him. Then Isabelle (5) held him and he peed on her! "Gross!", she wailed, and ran to wash her hands! You can see the pee dripping off of her arm in the third photo.
The frog croaked Oct. 6, then oct. 17th, Nov. 5th, Nov. 14th Nov. 18th! 

Anyway, that's the great news!
Our girls stayed with us for a sleepover. We always have fun! I could run a day care centre with my background and our toys! Daisy was soooooo tired!

Football in the rain,
we were safely indoors!

In the afternoon we watched some TV. Grampa watched his football game, while we played, and did some art.
Isabelle had a treat,
a TV breakfast!

Grampa rented Inside Out for us. It is an animated video and it is excellent. It shows how our emotions colour our thinking and our behaviour. It's all part of the limbic system, and uses an animation to show we respond to stimuli, and how the amygdala hijacks our actions with emotional responses. It is brilliant! Caitlin and the girls watched the movie in the theatre. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I've done a lot of brain research for my teaching career, and it is just amazing to see how they created a story. It would be great for kids who have any behaviour management issues, as well, as it has prompts that would be useful in teaching and parenting! Or for kids who have moved, or are moving. We rented it, but I might just buy it!
This is the trailer from Disney Pixar.

Anyway, Grampa took Josee into town to shop for Close Eyes. It's just what my dad did with our children, too. They had a coffee and hot chocolate at Code's Mill, and listened to a jazz band. Precious moments!

At home, Isabelle already having been given her Close Eyes (two dinosaurs), we played with them. It was an elaborate story. They were named, of course.

Tickle Toes, Scratchy Feet go to the Human Museum

First they had naps, then they went for a trip. "Where are we going," asked Scratchy Feet (AKA Caitlin).
"We're going to the human museum!" replied Tickle Toes (Isabelle)! The caterpillar (cat scratch tower) was their house. Then they ate a human, "First the flesh, then the bones!" declared Tickle Toes. They are scientists, and like to be clear.
She ate the humans and put the bones back together. (This is what they do at a museum!)
Then the dinosaurs had to go to the bathroom in my fuchsia plant!
I'd just shown the girls my deer skull, which fascinated them. (See the photos: deer skull)

Isabelle had eye surgery, and she still has one stitch in her eye. The others have fallen out. Her eye sight is much better!
Now, the game is, "Do you want to see my stitch, Gramma?" It does gross me out, which gives her great delight! I shudder, cover my eyes, and she giggles with glee!

Then, it was time go home!


EG CameraGirl said...

It's amazing how grandmothers and grandkids understand each other!! ;)

Olga said...

Precious times for sure.

Powell River Books said...

It is amazing what can be done with eye surgery. It seems like such a delicate organ but seems to be very resilient. Wayne's had several eye surgeries. They scared me, but have come out fine. - Margy

William Kendall said...

A stitch in the eye.... brrrrr!