Friday, 20 November 2015

Deen Squad - Muslim Man

I love this pair! Calling themselves Deen Squad. They made their video in Dundas Square in Toronto.
It's had 307,000 views!
"I'm a Muslim man.
No, I'm not a terrorist"

Published on 11 Nov 2015
Salam, this video will InshAllah mark the end of all stereotypes against Muslims. Let's get this to trend worldwide and all become a part of this movement. Please post a photo of yourself on Instagram stating "I Am a Muslim And I Am Not a Terrorist" and don't forget to hashtag #DeenSquad. We want to reach the masses, educate the youth and uncover the truth about our peaceful religion. - Karter Zaher & Jae Deen

Deen Squad, Muslim rap duo, goes viral after Paris Attacks

They put the halal in hip hop. And after the Paris attacks, young Muslims are making them social media stars. Ottawa religious rap duo Deen Squad visited Ottawa Morning on Thursday.
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Red said...

I like this idea. It's about time we saw some cool stuff from Muslims as they are cool just talk to them.

William Kendall said...

I have seen this one somewhere recently. It is a good idea.