Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bridge repairs County Rd. #10 updates

UPDATE: Sunday, Nov. 8th
They have it paved! No guide wires yet.

NOW they tell us! Thursday, Nov. 5th: "Crews are still on scene – as paving still has to be completed, and guide wires have to be installed."

We took a fateful shortcut once: along Cedar Bridge Rd. awhile ago! Since then, we often talk about it. They've finally put up signage, likely since people might see it as a detour around the bridge rebuild.

Now, they have actually explained that you shouldn't use Cedar Bridge Rd. to go from Perth Rd, #10, to highway #7!

Back in the spring, the bridge washed away, and they've been waiting to repair it. I went to take photos of the project!

I had two missions Friday. Firstly, I wanted to see how the bridge repairs were doing. After that, we drove around looking for Hallowe'en decorations (Saturday's post).

This was back in the summer, with a temporary patch.
They did a temporary fix while they waited
for the 4 concrete sections to arrive.
On the right, sign: Cedar Bridge Rd.

This sign, at Scotch Line and Gore St.,
in Perth: people ignore!
The road is now totally closed, but people do not believe the signage!
It's terribly clear. 'Local traffic only!'
April, 2015

I spoke to the site manager, and he said he's still getting angry people stopping at the hole in the road, frustrated since you can't get there from here.

I spoke to one contractor, who parked near our car, who asked me if there was a way around. I said NO! He didn't believe me and went off to talk to the the site manager, too! He parked his truck (6th in photo series below), to talk to them.

Seriously, people! ROAD CLOSED, local traffic only, unless you live on the other side of the bridge! I wonder if anyone there needs to commute to Perth. Oh dear.

Cedar Bridge Rd. wiggles its way around.
Scotch Line is the straight road.
the bridge is over the river
Definitely cottage country,
there are many lakes and rivers!

The manager told me they sent the wrong size of cement culverts, or the job would be finished by now. This is a major road that connects Westport with Perth. We are also a region with many shallow lakes and rivers. There is a lot of traffic between Westport and Perth, and on into => Ottawa. Many people use Perth Rd. to go between Ottawa and Kingston, as well.

You not only can't jump the gap (Mind the Gap!) but there are tractors on either side of it. What a job.
Anyway, the four cement culverts have been installed and connected. Good to see tax dollars at work and people gainfully employed!

 After this they place 3 or 4 layers of gravel/sand, and on top of that the asphalt.
He thought it should be done by next Wednesday. Let's hope!


Red said...

Why do these projects get so complicated?

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Lots of people just to have to go see for themselves!