Friday, 9 October 2015

Senator Elizabeth Warren and 'Old Stock Canadians' and anti-Muslim racism

There is much talk in both Canadian and American politics about people demanding lower taxes, vs. those who want billionaires to pay their fair share. I really like what she had to say. She is worried about the moral majority who want to decimate Planned Parenthood organizations, who believe that funding for abortions is paid for by taxpayers. It is not. PP does much more than this –counselling, victim services, female cancer diagnosis and support, and keep budget lines distinct.

I was watching CNN while working out and they were interviewing Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She was fabulous! She said, more or less this on the 1%:
Even when your ears are stuffed with money, if we keep harking at them, they might let a little sound bite in, so that billionaires will pay their fair share.
The Canadian side of the election process is showing some Canadian's true colours,  what with the racism around the niqab and hijab that has been displayed.

Unfortunately, Australian Lynton Crosby seems to be fueling fire amongst anti-Muslim racists.
Niqabs: The election’s weapon of mass distraction 
It is clear that the canard about a tiny number of Muslim women hiding their identities behind niqabs at citizenship ceremonies will be the hot-button issue of this election campaign. That’s too bad, because this blatant distraction is fuelled by cynicism, fear-mongering and misinformation.

This is the 'old stock Canadian' about whom PM Harper spoke: Earl Cowan.

Earlier, tensions in the room escalated after Harper, who vowed to reintroduce the controversial "Life Means Life" bill if re-elected, was asked a question about Duffy.
Angry Earl Cowan
The Conservative supporter who called reporters “pieces of shit” on Tuesday (Oct. shares the same name with a man who told Olivia Chow to “go back to China” last year.
Earl Cowan, identified by both the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and The Toronto Star as the angry heckler, hurled the insult at CTV News' Laurie Graham and CBC News' Hannah Thibedeau as they asked him questions about his take on Sen. Mike Duffy's trial.

I had more problems in my classrooms with girls revealing nipples, bellies, and skimpy clothes, than those who chose to respect their bodies and themselves.

Their fathers don't tell them, their mothers do not, either. It is a young girl's choice.

We tolerate cultural traditions in Canada. That is, until Harper was influenced by Lynton Crosby and his anti-Muslim wedge tactics.  I just realized where all this came from. I'm not the only one that realizes this, many are writing about Harper's spin doctor, Lynton Crosby.

Crosby is anti-Muslim, when it works for his employers, like those in Australia, the UK, and PM Harper, here in Canada.

According to a Guardian profile of him, Crosby employs the strategy of wedge politics — finding an issue that can be exploited to split off an opponent's traditional supporters.

As with President Obama's development of healthcare plans for American citizens, there is an underground right-wing creating and sustaining anti-Muslim sentiments. These things are popping up on Facebook, that common 'you gotta see this' icon of hate speech. 

I cannot believe the Canadians who are jumping onto this bandwagon. This altered driver's licence is a prime example. 
Thankfully, someone pointed out:


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I wouldn't even give such idiots airtime on my blog. YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It's only become worse since Crosby came into the campaign. What an utterly despicable man. Where's a nicely directed bolt of lightning when you need one?

Cloudia said...

What amazing times we live in.

Jenn, check this out:



Red said...

This election shows up our pathetic politicians and reporters. Reporters buy the spin and report it rather than criticize such despicable behavior.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am sick to death of the politics here -- there is almost nothing good to sayo at all. I love Elizabeth Warren and really really wanted her to run for President. She says she can do more good in the Senate. But how much can she do when the Republicans keep up the stalling tactics. people are so stupid to vote for these Tea Partiers -- they don't care a thing about the ordinary folks, only the rich as she says, but they pander to the fears of the poorly educated (fears of change basically) in order to get their votes. It is absolutely shameful.