Saturday, 10 October 2015

Canadian election –advance polls opened Friday

Can you read these signs driving by at 80 km/hour, if you are doing the speed limit. Most do not drive this slowly!

I thought they were foolish. Just sayin'! Put up by the local incumbent's team. But, yes, Friday was the first day of advance polls. This is what we usually do. Thing is - the signs went up days before Friday! They had to, since it takes time, and people to put all these up. I wonder what they cost and how much we paid for it?
This is how they drive on highway #7.

We have voted

Piece of cake, except for the 17 km we had to drive to get to the advance polling station! The signage was terrible. Well, terrible for its absence. We drove right past!
It took about 15 minutes. You must show ID, and sign your life away.  Friends complained, in the city, that at their advance polling stations it took an hour. On the news it said that it took more than an hour.

 I am anxious to get on with the danged election. Some of the snippets are amusing, however.
The debates have been telling, what with the incumbent party not attending many debates.
Our son-in-law is doing very well at various debates. He's having a blast. He posted his Youtube video of one debate. He closed Wang's binder on him!

Jean-Luc has done his research, he knows the party platform and planks very well. At the one debate where his Conservative rival was in attendance, Wang kept reading party rhetoric and statistics from the binder. He is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and the Green Party Small Business Critic. He had a debate at the engineers society.

Dotterels abound

 I had an argument with our snow blower/tractor repairman. He was insisting that a woman going into a bank wearing a face covering, or walking in the street would be arrested anyway. I was shocked. What is he talking about? This is a 73-year-old man who was an Ottawa manager for 30 years. I suggested he best leave, with a grin on my face, as I didn't want to discuss it anymore! It's an interesting riding, ours. Red necks and anti-government sentiment abounds.

What is also amusing is that I gave him our old tractor for parts, rather than selling it.
Welcome to Lanark County.

Dual Citizenship

This is an issue in Canada. For those who were born elsewhere, and come to Canada, they can have dual citizenship. It all depends upon where you were born, and where your parents were born. There are complex rules, above the heads of some. Honestly.

Bill C-24 gave the government the right to take away citizenship of dual citizens who commit a terrorist act. People are fiercely opposed to this. As with many of their new omnibus laws, no one has asked the questions, 'What if..."
Brad Butt,  Conservative candidate, suggests NDP leader Mulcair could lose ...
his citizenship should he be convicted of a terrorist act. Most of us were shocked he would use this well-respected man as an example.

On the radio, I heard one phone-in where a woman was complaining about Mr. Mulcair. She was in favour of this legislation. She said it would be Mulcair's own fault, since he was born in France, should he be convicted of terrorism and sent back to France. The blessed radio host did his best to argue differently. It didn't work. She insisted he was born in France. When she was contradicted, twice, she said, "Let's just move on."
In fact, he obtained dual citizenship through his French-born wife, after an incident at the Paris airport.


Rideau Ferry said...

Hi Jenn,

Interesting seems to me recently this topic of ‘face covering’ is being twisted and used for the upcoming federal election. I don’t care one way or another whether you wear one or not. Typically the only reference local folks would have on this issue is via the media, which has traditionally portrayed it as male enforced, oppressive, and antifeminism. Again, I’m not saying it is but rather this is what the media previously wanted us to hear. So be you a “red neck”, a “citiot”, or someone in between that considers themselves with the correct opinion, there are those who like to goad others into a debate on something neither is likely an authority, with the intent on exposing some level of racism or ignorance. Meanwhile we are all being used, once again, by the media.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


William Kendall said...

I voted yesterday. The clerk mentioned it had been busy earlier on, and I was in a bit of a lull, so it was in and out.

Mr. Wang being an apprentice of that insufferable cur Poilivere, he'd be just as obnoxious as his mentor, so I'd like to see him go down in electoral flames.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I detest the amount of 'bumph' which gets shoved through doors, into hands... and sidestrips of our roads... so much for anyone following any 'green policy'! YAM xx

Red said...

It's hard to believe what some of the idiots think! Where have these people been all their lives? I really hope there's a change in this election.

Powell River Books said...

It will be a few years yet before we can apply for citizenship and then vote. But I've been following the election closely here and in the States. - Margy