Monday, 28 September 2015

Moony me and the lunar eclipse

I grabbed my camera and tripod, and a flashlight. My hands were really sore from my cat rescue attempt (the saga is here), and the loss of my client. Then there is the anti-Muslim sentiment by those running PM Harper's campaign. It is a sad perspective on the world.
Happily Buster is home and safe this morning, after chasing the moon shine. Dweeb.
 The tripod wouldn't set up properly. I was rising to the challenge, when the clouds rolled in. I gave up. Fiddling around with the was too frustrating.
I am appreciating the wonderful photos people have taken around the world, they are everywhere! This is an explanation of the event.

The next super moon will be in 2033. I can see hauling myself and my walker outdoors to grab a shot. As if!

Today it will rain, and I will finish my sewing projects. I did house cleaning yesterday, such as it was. There is a saying for that: 'a lick and a promise'? Is that it?!


Christine said...

I am really sorry it clouded over in my area and I just got a glimpse of the moon in partial shadow. Then the clouds took over.

eileeninmd said...

Pretty moon captures! I tried watching some but it was cloudy here and the trees were too tall. I am glad Buster is safe at home. Wishing you a happy day and new week ahead!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, my mother and my grandmother both used to say "a lick and a promise" my grandmother, it meant cleaning the whole house, but lightly. To my mother it meant cleaning the kitchen and living room, also lightly. To me, it meant washing my face, like a cat in a hurry.
Which makes me think of Buster, and poor you, being scratched like that. Adding insult to injury, when you were already sad about your client, and horrified to your ungrateful cat so far from home.
I'm glad, though, that you had a nice lunch, and that Buster found his way back.
Too bad you missed the eclipse. It was wonderful. Even more wonderful, however, is the story I'm about to tell on Facebook.
Luv, K

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
By some miracle, there were no clouds here.......... (you know the rarity of THAT event, never mind the eclipse!!!).... so managed some halfway decent shots myself. Don't have a tripod, so a wee tad shaky on a few... and not Scot free; we had a heavy, wet haze, which haloed everything. All in all though, very happy to have stayed the whole night with it! If am around for the next one... bonus!!! YAM xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Clouds for us so no viewing of the moon or eclipse. I did get some shots the evening before, but not really what I wanted. The rain started overnight and continued most of the day today.

DUTA said...

I saw the moon eclipse,with some difficulty because of the tall trees, but no red moon as promised in the media. Perhaps I missed it somehow. Today, lots of people proudly published online their photos of the red moon, and I enjoyed the view of it.

William Kendall said...

Being close enough, the clouds rolled in here just as the eclipse was near total. We did see a glimpse of the full eclipse for a few moments during a break in the cloud deck.

There are a couple of cats in the house where I live... both of them were going bonkers last evening.

Hannah said...

I had to wait for the moon to get up above the trees, so I got the end of the eclipse instead of the beginning, last spring I got the middle when it was red, which was cool. I've seen others' cool photos, though. I won't post photos until next weekend. I like seeing yours for the cool shadows that highlight different elevations of the craters, Jennifer.

Red said...

The eclipse was a bust here as it cleared after about the last quarter.

Powell River Books said...

We barely saw it. We were in Bellingham and there were so many lights that the moon was barely visible until the eclipse was over. Plus the trees we in the way most of the time. - Margy